Saturday, March 10, 2012

To Trade Or Not To Trade???

     Last year the New York Knicks made a big splash by trading for Carmelo Anthony.  They Knicks gave up a lot of to land the star SF, and quite frankly, He hasn't lived up to the hype.  I know that some people want to blame the coach for Melo's drop in production, but this simply isn't the case.  LeBron James had different coaches and is still leading MVP voting.  Kobe Bryant has a new Coach this year and is leading the NBA in Scoring.  Melo is having career lows and noone is to blame, but Carmelo Anthony.
     Would it be a smart idea for the Knicks to trade away their lack luster star though?  When Melo was out with injury the Knicks went 7 straight without a loss and surprising players were actually able to shine.  Since the All-Star break the Knicks have only won one game and are at risk of losing the 8th seed in the playoffs.  The trade deadline is coming up and the question has to be asked, is it time to make some sort of trade to fix the Knicks?
     Rumors are saying that the Knicks could have Dwight Howard for Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony AND Dwight would be willing to sign a long term contract to stay with the Knicks.  This move would actually free up some money for the Knicks too.  As good as Chandler has been for the Knicks Dwight Howard is better Offensively and Defensively.  Getting rid of Melo would also bring back the fluid Offense that the team had while he was on the bench.
     It has been very evident that the 2nd unit for the Knicks is actually better than the starting unit and that is just strange.  The Knicks need to figure out a way to become a better team and fast.  They have far too much talent to lose this many games.  Chemistry goes a long way and it may be time to admit that Melo does not fit in with the rest of the team.
     What do you think?  Should the Knicks trade Carmelo or any other player, or should they wait and see if the team can perform better?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch

     When Peyton Manning was released by the Colts and became available for all other NFL teams the Jets inquired about the first ballot hall of famer, as they sould have.  The Jets looked into all ways to imprve the team and they decided that the best way was to stick with te Quarterback that got them to the AFC Championship game 2 out of the 3 years in his professional career.  Make now doubt once the information becomes available, that GM Mike Tannenbaum manufactured a way for the Jets to have enough Cap space to negotiate with Free Agents in a few days.
     Jets fans, you have your Quarterback.  Your stuck with him whether you like him or not.  I for one love it!  I am a big believer in Mark Sanchez and now the team can focus on the real reasons for last years downfall.  They need to adress the Offensive Line so their newly extended franchise QB stays healthy, a deep threat Wide-Reciever to stretch the field and take some of the coverage away from Santonio Holmes, a pass rusher to put pressure on opposing QBs, and some help in the Safety position to shore up the middle of the defense.  It will be interesing to see if the Jets are now IN the Mario Williams sweepstakes.
     Mark Sanchez joins a growing list of players who have signed extensions to be Jets for the next few years.  He joins CB Darrelle Revis, C Nick Mangold, LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson, ILB David Harris, S Eric Smith, CB Antonio Cromartie, WR Santonio Holmes, and soon to be NT Sione Pouha.  What sticks out to any of you about these names?  Well if you notice, with Mark Sanchez included that is 7 players that the Jets drafted during the Tannenbaum era.  This goes to show that our GM seems to be making the right desicions during the draft, so lets see what Gem he gets the team next month.
     The Jets made a bold move today and it will be very interesting to see what else they have up their sleeves.  There are rumors that the Jets are trying to shop RT Wayne Hunter, and ILB Bart Scott.  If either is moved, then that would be one more need that becomes even more important during the Draft, but it also frees up even more cap space.  The Eagles need an ILB and they have a WR that has been disruptive.  Could we see a trade consisting of WR Santonio Holmes and ILB Bart Scott for WR DeSean Jackson? Could we see WR Vincent Jackson signing with the Jets during Free Agency?  How about DE/OLB Mario Williams becoming the game changing pass rusher that the Jets have lacked since they traded Abraham to the Antlanta Falcons in 2005?
     Leave a comment on what moves the Jets could or should make once Free Agency begins March 13th.  Who should they trade and who should they sign?