Saturday, January 28, 2012

The One Player The New York Jets HAVE To Draft!!!

     This year the New York Jets enter the off-season with a number of needs.  Depending on who you talk to it is hard to decide which position is the most important right now.  Ever since the Jets Drafted Vernon Gholston in the first round of the '08 Draft and he turned out to be the bigges bust in Franchise history, I have been screaming for an Outside Linebacker.  Seeing as how we haven't been able to put pressure on the Quarterback without using all out exotic Blitzes.
     Within the past two years another position has been exposed and it's hard to ignore the need in the Secondary with our Safety position......BOTH of them!  The Jets have the best CB tandem in Derrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie.  Kyle Wilson had a much improved second year.  The New York Jets still gave up far too many completions and yards in the middle of the field.  While the CB's took care of the outside, the Safeties we embarrassed game in and game out by bigger and faster Tight-Ends.
     Many Mock Draft experts believe that teams should Draft according to needs to fill a hole. When you have the New England Patriots in your Division running a two Tight-End set with Aron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski.  Would it be more important for a team to focus on their most immediate threat, or take care of a overall need?  Since EVERY team seemed to throw accrosse the middle against the Jets I would say that the Safety position is more important than the Outside Linebacker position.
     Wait a second though, the Jets are going to have a top ten Defense for as long as Rex Ryan is a part of the Organization.  The Offense however hasn't been in the top twenty.  The two biggest concerns on that side of the ball is protecting the Quarterback by adding a Right Tackle that can just play average.  It would also help to have a deep threat Wide-Reciever to stretch the field, which would also open up the running game.  When Defenses have to focus on the entire field instead of fifteen yards from the line of scrimmage, then you will REALLY be able to see what Mark Sanchez can do.  So do you focus on a Right-Tackle, or a number two Reciever (Also a number one if you think that Santonio Holmes has to go).
     Those are four positions that need to be addressed and we won't even waste our time with a Punter and a Kicker.  Rumors are swirling that Inside-Linebacker Bart Scott might've played his last game in a Jets Uniform, so that the Jets now have a need at ILB as well.  I for one think that Bart Scott should take a pay cut and stay for atleast one more year.  When you have a player of his talent and experience you keep them around to groom their replacements, much like the Jets did with Tony Richardson and John Conner.
     A number of Players have been linked to the Jets, Courtney Upshaw OLB, Mark Barron S, Alshon Jeffries WR, Trent Richardson RB, and many more.  It is just hard to figure out where the Jets could go wrong.  They have so many different needs.  They could Draft at almost any position and it would be filling a need.  Some think that the Jets should trade down in the Draft to add an additional pick.  I am in favor of that.  I think the Jets have so many needs that they need to stock pile young talent and hope that these players can contribute for years to come.
     When looking at who is out there in the Draft this year one could get carried away dreaming about who could be the next big superstar.  With the Jets you have to picture their Head Coach and the type of players that would work best in his system.  If you have talent on the Defensive side of the ball he will maximize it.  Just look at Aaron Maybin.  Zero sacks in two years with the Buffalo Bills, six and a half with four forced fumbles in a shortened season with Rex Ryan and the New York Jets, oh and he became "Mayhem".
     Looking at some of these players I found one who belongs in Rex Ryans Defense, Vontaze Burfict ILB Arizona State.  I saw a young Bart Scott in this kid.  The return of the Madbacker 2.0.  Vontaze was relentless in his player this year, running over Offensive Linemen like a battering ram to put pressure on the Quarterback and jumping over his own teammates to make the tackle.  You could see him jump and scream as if he had a sack everytime he cause the Offense to flinch and draw a False Start flag.  This kid was so aggressive that his coach sat him on the bench because he was TOO agressive.  What do you think Rex Ryan would do with a player like this?
     The Jets could trade down in the first round to pick up a second round pick and target this young kid.  They almost cant miss at Safetie because ANYONE could do better in coverage than Eric Smith.  The Outside Linebacker position is the deepest it has been in years so you can find a gem like Vinny Curry OLB Marshall in the second round.  A tall Wide-Reciever with solid hands can be found later in the Draft.  A young Bart Scott that will sacrafice his body for his teammates, and use his non-stop motor to create havoc on the field cannot be passed up.  Whether it's in the first, second or third round Vontaze Burfict OLB Arizona State is the must have pick for the New York Jets in the 2012 NFL Draft. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Where is the commitment?

     Being a Sports fan these days can be pretty expensive.  This is not the economical environment for the average Sports fan to spend money on tickets, jerseys, and other paraphernalia.  If you have to spend money on PSL's as well then you may have considered robbing a bank (not attending the game is never an option). 
     When a franchise like the Knicks and the Jets are among the top 5 priciest tickets in their respective Leagues, you might expect for them to have the top 5 teams in the League.  While the Knicks are just now showing the potential to be a contender, they have never been called cheap.  They spend EXTRA money to put out the best product they can.  You can always expect the New York Knicks and owner James Dolan to pay the luxury tax.  It was bad management that kept that money going to good use with the wrong talent.
     The same can't be said for the New York Jets and owner Woody Johnson.  The Jets entered the 2011-2012 season having reached the AFC Championship game, one win shy of the Super Bowl two years in a row.  They began the Season by being cheap and not even trying to bring any talent in through Free Agency.  They added Plaxico Burress to save spending for Braylon Edwards and played throughout the year with $8 million in cap space.
     One Cornerback who shall not be named aside, where was the splash?  Where was the commitment to winning? When our Offensive line looked HORRIBLE due to injuries and a decline in talent, where was the usage of the $8 million to bring in a player that can help?   Oh that's right, we threw in an Undrafted Rookie against the Ravens to get our Quarterback killed.
     It reminds me of releasing Thomas Jones and Alan Faneca to save money that was owed to them.  That $8 million cap space will grow larger this Off-Season when you factor in the release of players such as Brian Thomas who is too old and coming off of a serious knee injury.  Are we going to fish around for young talent, or go out and bring in proven playmakers? Playmakers cost money but they MAKE PLAYS!  Braylon Edwards caught the deep pass and dragged little people that don't deserve to even try covering him into the enzone.  Thomas Jones battered his way straight ahead for first down after first down.  Alan Faneca manhandled huge Men to create space for the number one rushing attack in the NFL.
     I don't want the front office to spend money just for the sake of using up all of the cap money, but I do want holes to be filled so that we posses a complete team.  When there is a clear need for Safety, Wide-Receiver, Outside-Linebacker and Offensive Line help, I expect the team to bring in an impact player.
     In the near future I will take a look at some of those impact players that will be Free Agents this year and we can discuss who looks like they can be a part of the New York Jets, but here is hoping that we see a commitment from the front office to winning.  And the Home of the JETS!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My 2012 Draft Wish List!

 So I remember hearing fans talk about how the Knicks should have drafted Chris Singleton while I WANTED them to draft Iman Shumpert.  Now these same fans are telling everyone that they were the FIRST to tell you about the rookie.  Did i miss something?  I guess you can just say whatever these days and people will respect it.      Well I'm going to put my thoughts right here for everyone to see and anyone can take a look back months from now and call me on what I said.  Here is my current outlook on the 2012 New York Jets draft needs.  Keep in mind that my opinion will most likely change once I see some Combine numbers and who the Jets pick up and let go during the free agency period.  Still, here is where I stand TODAY.
     I Know some fans have different opinions on what we need and who shouldn't be on the team next year.  Quickly, I think Mulligan has to go and we don't need to sign a free agent or draft to replace him.  Josh Baker and Jeff Cumberland are already on the roster.  Mulligan was only a blocking Tight-End and even if Vlad Ducasse somehow steals the Right-Tackle position, Rob Turner will return from injury.  One of these two were dominant in the "Jumbo" position.  Tight-End is not a need.  Neither is Quarterback.
     Safety is a need, but I'm not convinced that Eric Smith Should be released... yet.  He is good in run defense so until whoever we bring in is comfortable with the entire defense, he should stay.  We do need to add a veteran player at the position, but young athletic talent is what's need in this position (more on that later).  I'm not sure if Jim Leonard should return or not.  I love him as a Jet, but I want to win and don't know how he fits into that.
     I am probably going to get a lot of slack for this comment, but I don't think the Jets need to draft a Right-Tackle or spend big money for one in Free-Agency.  It's time to see what Vlad Ducasse can do and give Wayne Hunter a chance to rebound from a horrible season.  I just think that we have bigger needs.  Again ,this is something that will either get me laughed at or make me look like an "expert."
     I don't want to focus on the round by round picks.  I would much rather have the Jets trade up and down to get the players they want rather than staying put and drafting the best player available.  When they Jets have traded up to get the player we wanted we ended up with Studs such as Darrelle Revis, David Harris, Dustin Keller, Shonn Greene, John Conner, and Jeremy Kereley. This is the approach  Iwant to see the Jets use this year to fix the NEEDS this team has.  When you don't have a number of needs then you can sit back and just choose talent.  We don't have that luxury.
  I want the Jets to drat Two of these four Outside-Linebackers. #1  Zach Brown OLB North Carolina.  #2 Courtney Upshaw OLB Alabama.  #3 Vinny Curry DE Marshall  #4 Shane Scove OLB Stanford.  If even one of these players turns out to be a Stud to pair with Calvin Pace (who is more of a run stuffer at this point in his career) and Aaron "Mayhem" Maybin (who needs to add a few more pounds and a few more moves to be more than a situational pass rusher), then the front seven will be set for next year.  If BOTH players turn out to be good then, the OLB position will be set for the next few YEARS, and, we will finally have the pressure that has been missing during the Rex Ryan Era.
     The Jets also need to double dip in the Safety position.  With the Cornerback position being one of the strongest in the entire NFL, the Jets desperately need players that can cover the middle of the field.  If the Jets can get young athletic Safeties that can cover tight ends, then it will be nearly impossible to throw against the secondary.
    I think the Jets should draft two of these four players.  #1 T.J. McDonald SS USC.  #2. Ray Ray Armstrong SS Miami.  #3 Rashard Hall FS Clemson.  #4 Jansen Jackson FS Arizona.  The Jets don't need these players to be immediate impact players, but that would help.  It is okay if they need to be developed which is why we shouldn't release Eric Smith right away and why we should find a veteran.  Eventually though we need these players to be solid in coverage and provide the Jets with a complete secondary.
     I think we can all agree that we also need some help at the Wide-Receiver position.  Even if we sign a Free Agent I think we need more young talent to groom.  I said months ago that the Jets should keep Braylon Edwards and that I didn't want Santonio Holmes on my team.  Again, I have a blog now for people to look back on and call me on what I said. I'm looking pretty smart on that decision so far though.  I think the Jets should get one of these big Wide-Recievers.
     #1 Jeff Fuller WR Texas.  #2 Dwight Jones WR North Carolina.  #3 Reuben Randle WR LSU.  #4 Greg Childs WR Arkansas.  We need a deep threat to stretch the field who will also be a big body to help in the Redzone.  Hopefully one of these guys can be that answer.
     Again, my opinion may change after Free Agency and the Combine, but here is what I have for now.  Check out some of the Highlights on Youtube and let me know what you think.  I would also love to hear which players you think we should target in the draft. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

The NEW New York Knicks?

     Remember how everyone was saying that the Knicks were going to be a different team this year?  How the addition of Mike Woodson as an assistant coach to teach defense was going to get the teams attention?  How the addition of Tyson Chandler, the big 7 footer than reshaped the weak Dallas Mavericks into NBA Champions, was going to do the same for the Knicks?  Do you remember hearing Carmelo Anthony and Amare' Stoudemire preaching a greater emphasis on defense?  How about the fans who were excited and telling everyone how the Knicks were gonna be unstoppable now that we have defense to go with our offense?  Uhhhhh, what happened?
     This looks even WORSE than the Knicks from last year.  I know that they are going to take time to get use to playing with each other, but they look like they aren't even TRYING at times.  the team acts as if they are going to win just because they have a talented team and then when are down in the fourth quarter try to mount a comeback against weaker teams that shouldn't be allowed in the same building when everyone is giving their all.
     We were promised a change in defense and instead we are getting embarrassed by 1-4 teams like the Bobcats who shot lights-out all over the court.  We were pumping our chests and dreaming about the 90's when people were scared to play against the Knicks and now we are having the same old nightmares.  We had fans of other teams and "experts" give us props and congratulations, because everyone felt that the Knicks had enough to atleast contend in the East.  We were all expecting to see a New York team different from what we have been given the last few years.  I feel cheated.
     Again it does take time, but it also takes effort.  We have only just begun, but the wind has already been taken out of my sails.  It's gonna take a storm to get the ship moving again.  How about Hurricane Amare' Finds His Long Lost Jumper, or Hurricane Melo, The NBA Scoring Champ Of 2011-2012 Season, or my personal favorite Hurricane Iman!  The Rookie seems to be the only one trying.  Who else do you see clapping their hands everytime its time to play defense?  Who else is driving to the rim and placing their bodies in harms way for a hard foul?  Who else is drenched with sweat from giving his all on both sides of the court?
     The other key in my opinion is Jared Jeffries.  Say what you want and boo him when he comes on the court, but he is the one Knick player that doesnt care anything at all for individual stats or achievemen.  Jeffries is a team first player and he shows it by the amount of screens, help defense, and charged he takes.  No other Knick tries as hard as Jeffries to make his teammates look good.  keep an eye out on how different the defense looks when he gets healthy and returns to the line up. 
     So we still have the same Knicks from recent years, but here is hoping that we get a storm to turn the NBA world upside down.  Go New York Go New York Go!!!

First post to give you

    Being a New York Jets and New York Knicks fan, I can't tell you how great it feels to have teams worth talking about. Unfortunately I don't like some of the "Talking" concerning the Jets lately so I decided to  start a blog.
     For my very first post I want to share my thoughts on the New York Jets. I find it funny when people say that Mark Sanchez isn't the answer and can't lead Gang Green to a Championship. What exactly are they basing this on?
     The leg these "experts" are standing on is their opinions that Mark Sanchez regressed in his third year as the starting Quarterback. Only problem with that is the simple FACT that Mark Sanchez has improved. He reached career highs in all of his statistics. How exactly is he worse in his third year when the numbers are all better?
     Is he the answer? I don't know yet and neither does anyone else. Do I think he will get better? We will have to wait and see. What we need to do as fans is stick with him until we see that he is NOT the answer and then and only then can people boo him while he is playing for us.
     Some "experts" say that we need to draft a Quarterback or sign a veteran to challenge Sanchez. I would have no problem with that if the Jets didn't have other problems. How about we see a commitment to winning and getting better? Why aren't these experts talk about how the Jets were 8 million dollars under the cap this year? Why aren't we talking about the games the Defense lost AFTER Sanchez scored the go ahead touchdowns in the fourth quarter? Why aren't we talking about the front office taking away their deep threat in Braylon Edwards and replacing him with Plaxico Burress who wasn't and still isn't in Football shape?
     There are a lot of other things that we should be talking about and picking on a young Quarterback who just reached career highs in passing yards, touchdowns, completion percentage, and QB rating is just annoying. How about we see the front office give Sanchez some weapons, a good Offensive  Coordinator, and a full training camp for him to get familiar with his teammates and oh I don't know players that won't QUIT on the team when the entire season is on the line?
     As soon as I feel someone is getting in the way of my team winning a Championship I'm gonna be one of the first calling for his head. Brian Shottenheimer, that means you. Let's talk about what we need to talk about and stop letting these "experts" fill our heads with their attention seeking comments. Next time I will talk about what I think the Jets need to do in the off season. I hope to hear from you guys and will try to post things that at the very least allows you to see a different outlook on things.