Monday, January 9, 2012

Where is the commitment?

     Being a Sports fan these days can be pretty expensive.  This is not the economical environment for the average Sports fan to spend money on tickets, jerseys, and other paraphernalia.  If you have to spend money on PSL's as well then you may have considered robbing a bank (not attending the game is never an option). 
     When a franchise like the Knicks and the Jets are among the top 5 priciest tickets in their respective Leagues, you might expect for them to have the top 5 teams in the League.  While the Knicks are just now showing the potential to be a contender, they have never been called cheap.  They spend EXTRA money to put out the best product they can.  You can always expect the New York Knicks and owner James Dolan to pay the luxury tax.  It was bad management that kept that money going to good use with the wrong talent.
     The same can't be said for the New York Jets and owner Woody Johnson.  The Jets entered the 2011-2012 season having reached the AFC Championship game, one win shy of the Super Bowl two years in a row.  They began the Season by being cheap and not even trying to bring any talent in through Free Agency.  They added Plaxico Burress to save spending for Braylon Edwards and played throughout the year with $8 million in cap space.
     One Cornerback who shall not be named aside, where was the splash?  Where was the commitment to winning? When our Offensive line looked HORRIBLE due to injuries and a decline in talent, where was the usage of the $8 million to bring in a player that can help?   Oh that's right, we threw in an Undrafted Rookie against the Ravens to get our Quarterback killed.
     It reminds me of releasing Thomas Jones and Alan Faneca to save money that was owed to them.  That $8 million cap space will grow larger this Off-Season when you factor in the release of players such as Brian Thomas who is too old and coming off of a serious knee injury.  Are we going to fish around for young talent, or go out and bring in proven playmakers? Playmakers cost money but they MAKE PLAYS!  Braylon Edwards caught the deep pass and dragged little people that don't deserve to even try covering him into the enzone.  Thomas Jones battered his way straight ahead for first down after first down.  Alan Faneca manhandled huge Men to create space for the number one rushing attack in the NFL.
     I don't want the front office to spend money just for the sake of using up all of the cap money, but I do want holes to be filled so that we posses a complete team.  When there is a clear need for Safety, Wide-Receiver, Outside-Linebacker and Offensive Line help, I expect the team to bring in an impact player.
     In the near future I will take a look at some of those impact players that will be Free Agents this year and we can discuss who looks like they can be a part of the New York Jets, but here is hoping that we see a commitment from the front office to winning.  And the Home of the JETS!!!

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