Saturday, January 28, 2012

The One Player The New York Jets HAVE To Draft!!!

     This year the New York Jets enter the off-season with a number of needs.  Depending on who you talk to it is hard to decide which position is the most important right now.  Ever since the Jets Drafted Vernon Gholston in the first round of the '08 Draft and he turned out to be the bigges bust in Franchise history, I have been screaming for an Outside Linebacker.  Seeing as how we haven't been able to put pressure on the Quarterback without using all out exotic Blitzes.
     Within the past two years another position has been exposed and it's hard to ignore the need in the Secondary with our Safety position......BOTH of them!  The Jets have the best CB tandem in Derrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie.  Kyle Wilson had a much improved second year.  The New York Jets still gave up far too many completions and yards in the middle of the field.  While the CB's took care of the outside, the Safeties we embarrassed game in and game out by bigger and faster Tight-Ends.
     Many Mock Draft experts believe that teams should Draft according to needs to fill a hole. When you have the New England Patriots in your Division running a two Tight-End set with Aron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski.  Would it be more important for a team to focus on their most immediate threat, or take care of a overall need?  Since EVERY team seemed to throw accrosse the middle against the Jets I would say that the Safety position is more important than the Outside Linebacker position.
     Wait a second though, the Jets are going to have a top ten Defense for as long as Rex Ryan is a part of the Organization.  The Offense however hasn't been in the top twenty.  The two biggest concerns on that side of the ball is protecting the Quarterback by adding a Right Tackle that can just play average.  It would also help to have a deep threat Wide-Reciever to stretch the field, which would also open up the running game.  When Defenses have to focus on the entire field instead of fifteen yards from the line of scrimmage, then you will REALLY be able to see what Mark Sanchez can do.  So do you focus on a Right-Tackle, or a number two Reciever (Also a number one if you think that Santonio Holmes has to go).
     Those are four positions that need to be addressed and we won't even waste our time with a Punter and a Kicker.  Rumors are swirling that Inside-Linebacker Bart Scott might've played his last game in a Jets Uniform, so that the Jets now have a need at ILB as well.  I for one think that Bart Scott should take a pay cut and stay for atleast one more year.  When you have a player of his talent and experience you keep them around to groom their replacements, much like the Jets did with Tony Richardson and John Conner.
     A number of Players have been linked to the Jets, Courtney Upshaw OLB, Mark Barron S, Alshon Jeffries WR, Trent Richardson RB, and many more.  It is just hard to figure out where the Jets could go wrong.  They have so many different needs.  They could Draft at almost any position and it would be filling a need.  Some think that the Jets should trade down in the Draft to add an additional pick.  I am in favor of that.  I think the Jets have so many needs that they need to stock pile young talent and hope that these players can contribute for years to come.
     When looking at who is out there in the Draft this year one could get carried away dreaming about who could be the next big superstar.  With the Jets you have to picture their Head Coach and the type of players that would work best in his system.  If you have talent on the Defensive side of the ball he will maximize it.  Just look at Aaron Maybin.  Zero sacks in two years with the Buffalo Bills, six and a half with four forced fumbles in a shortened season with Rex Ryan and the New York Jets, oh and he became "Mayhem".
     Looking at some of these players I found one who belongs in Rex Ryans Defense, Vontaze Burfict ILB Arizona State.  I saw a young Bart Scott in this kid.  The return of the Madbacker 2.0.  Vontaze was relentless in his player this year, running over Offensive Linemen like a battering ram to put pressure on the Quarterback and jumping over his own teammates to make the tackle.  You could see him jump and scream as if he had a sack everytime he cause the Offense to flinch and draw a False Start flag.  This kid was so aggressive that his coach sat him on the bench because he was TOO agressive.  What do you think Rex Ryan would do with a player like this?
     The Jets could trade down in the first round to pick up a second round pick and target this young kid.  They almost cant miss at Safetie because ANYONE could do better in coverage than Eric Smith.  The Outside Linebacker position is the deepest it has been in years so you can find a gem like Vinny Curry OLB Marshall in the second round.  A tall Wide-Reciever with solid hands can be found later in the Draft.  A young Bart Scott that will sacrafice his body for his teammates, and use his non-stop motor to create havoc on the field cannot be passed up.  Whether it's in the first, second or third round Vontaze Burfict OLB Arizona State is the must have pick for the New York Jets in the 2012 NFL Draft. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!

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