Friday, January 6, 2012

First post to give you

    Being a New York Jets and New York Knicks fan, I can't tell you how great it feels to have teams worth talking about. Unfortunately I don't like some of the "Talking" concerning the Jets lately so I decided to  start a blog.
     For my very first post I want to share my thoughts on the New York Jets. I find it funny when people say that Mark Sanchez isn't the answer and can't lead Gang Green to a Championship. What exactly are they basing this on?
     The leg these "experts" are standing on is their opinions that Mark Sanchez regressed in his third year as the starting Quarterback. Only problem with that is the simple FACT that Mark Sanchez has improved. He reached career highs in all of his statistics. How exactly is he worse in his third year when the numbers are all better?
     Is he the answer? I don't know yet and neither does anyone else. Do I think he will get better? We will have to wait and see. What we need to do as fans is stick with him until we see that he is NOT the answer and then and only then can people boo him while he is playing for us.
     Some "experts" say that we need to draft a Quarterback or sign a veteran to challenge Sanchez. I would have no problem with that if the Jets didn't have other problems. How about we see a commitment to winning and getting better? Why aren't these experts talk about how the Jets were 8 million dollars under the cap this year? Why aren't we talking about the games the Defense lost AFTER Sanchez scored the go ahead touchdowns in the fourth quarter? Why aren't we talking about the front office taking away their deep threat in Braylon Edwards and replacing him with Plaxico Burress who wasn't and still isn't in Football shape?
     There are a lot of other things that we should be talking about and picking on a young Quarterback who just reached career highs in passing yards, touchdowns, completion percentage, and QB rating is just annoying. How about we see the front office give Sanchez some weapons, a good Offensive  Coordinator, and a full training camp for him to get familiar with his teammates and oh I don't know players that won't QUIT on the team when the entire season is on the line?
     As soon as I feel someone is getting in the way of my team winning a Championship I'm gonna be one of the first calling for his head. Brian Shottenheimer, that means you. Let's talk about what we need to talk about and stop letting these "experts" fill our heads with their attention seeking comments. Next time I will talk about what I think the Jets need to do in the off season. I hope to hear from you guys and will try to post things that at the very least allows you to see a different outlook on things.

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