Monday, October 15, 2012

Are The Jets Secretly Rebuilding???

     Many "experts" on the TV, Radio and World Wide Web have painted the Jets as a misfit band of idiots and a team that is worse than their record indicates. Bill Parcells famously stated that, "You are what your record says you are".  The Jets are 3-3, 2-0 in Division games and #1 in the AFC East.  If the Jets are worse than their record indicates, then why is it that the New England Patriots who are also 3-0, 1-0 in the Division, and the Jets next matchup, are considered favorites for the Superbowl still?
     The New York Jets have also been plauged with injuries early on in the Season losing Darrelle Revis, Santonio Holmes and Josh Mauga for the Season.  Dustin Keller and Stephen Hill have missed numerous games leaving QB Mark Sanchez with WR Jeremey Kerley as his number one Offensive weapon.  Many suggested that the Jets bring in Plaxico Burress, or Terrell Owens, but the Jets instead brought in Jason Hill who had a TD against the Colts after only 10 days with the team.
     This signing reminded me of a theory I had before the Season started.  Many "experts" are asking to fire either Rex Ryan, Mike Tannenbaum, or both.  I haven't heard ANYONE mimic my thinking and stating that the New York Jets are rebuilding while staying competitive.  It starts with the Salary Cap.  The Jets are approxamitly $8 million under the Cap and with the new barganing agreement, this money will be able to be used against the Cap next year.  It is widely believed that Darrelle Revis will recieve a new Contract before the Season starts next year.  Dustin Keller, Shonn Greene, Calvin Pace, Bryan Thomas, Yeremiah Bell, LaRon Landry, Matt Slauson and Brandon Moore are all Free Agents after this Season.
     Keller and Landry look like locks to come back next year.  Many may notice that Matt Slauson has been spelled by Vlad Duccasse even though the competition was won by Slauson in Training Camp.  Could it be that the Jets Coaching Staff wants to see Big Vlad in real game tape in order to decide that Ducasse and Matt Slauson will be the starting Guards for the Jets in the Future making Pro Bowler Brandon Moore expendable?  Pace and Thomas are obviously done with Pace having a fairly sizable Contract coming off of the Cap.  Shonn Greene is a player that has to prove himself this year along with Ducasse and Joe Mcknight.
     In the past 2 Seasons what players did the Jets bring in to long term Contracts?  The Jets are clearly building this team through the Draft and when you have young players they often take time to develop.  I can understand some Fans being frustrated with the way the Season has gone and wanting a change in some of the decision making, but GM Mike Tannenbaum is building a team that will last for the forseeable future.  Some of the Draft picks have come into question and it is easy for some to forget Mike T. trading up for Revis, Harris, Keller, Sanchez and Greene.  Its easy for some to forget that the Jets went to back to back AFC Championship games in the first 2 years of the careers of Mark Sanchez and first time Head Coach Rex Ryan.  Its easy to forget that the Jets are 3-3 and in first place of the AFC East after 6 weeks of Football with a game against the hated Patriots up next.
     Mike Tannenbaum has a plan for this team and all the "experts" can focus on Tim Tebow and paint the Jets as a Circus, but if your a Jets Fan you should feel comfortable with the direction the team is headed in.  Much was made about the Jets not replacing Wayne Hunter with an expensive Veteran RT, but when have you heard/seen Austin Howard have a bad game this Season?  The "experts" claimed that the Jets Defense was done with Cromartie and Kyle Wilson as your starting two CBs, but now these same people are talking about how Cromartie is currently the best CB in the NFL with Interceptions in his last 2 games, and Kyle Wilson has disappeared from opposing teams highlight reels.  The "experts" are calling for Tebow Time, but Mark Sanchez is starting to get his players back and Dustin Keller does wonders for this Jets Offense just by being on the field.  The Jets have a core group of players with few holes, but next year with a new Draft and plenty of Cap space, those holes will be filled pretty quickly and the Jets will have young players ready to contribute for the next 10 years.
     What do you think about the current plan for the team?  Are you on board with the moves that have been made, or do you have some "must have" moves or players for the remainder of the year and beyond?  Leave a comment and opinion.  I for one have full confidence in the Owner, GM and Coaching Staff.  Our Defensive Line is set, CB position set with Revis returning next year, Offensive Line looks set for the future with or without Moore, I believe in Mark Sanchez.  We need Outside Linebackers, a home run hitting RB and some Wide Recievers to help Sanchez.  Kerley and Hill are developing nicely and Santonio Holmes is a wild card so it will be interesting to see where this team goes.  I would rather wait and see what happens.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


     If you have watche ESPN, checked out YouTube videos or read any sports articles then you have heard/seen plenty how the Jets are a horrible, disfunctional team with no talent and no chance to make the Playoffs.  Oh how a year changes.  For the past two years the Jets were known as one of the most talented teams in the League and not only Playoff bound, but SuperBowl contenders.  It boggles the mind how after an 8-8 season with team chemistry issues, a 25th ranked Offense and 5th ranked Defense is now one of the worst team in the NFL.  Well Jets fans, you know how far from the truth that is.
     Looking back at last year and what the Jets struggled with, it is clear that the Jets fixed most of those problems.  The Jets Defense couldn't stop TE's and passes over the middle.  Eric Smith is a great in-the-box run stuffer, but is suspect at best in pass coverage.  Jim Leanord was injured and is now playing for the Broncos, but was never a physical and athletic Safety.  The Jets looked to correct this by signing Free-Agents LaRon Landry, Yeremiah Bell and Drafting Josh Bush and Antonio Allen.  We have all heard that "if" Landry stays healthy the Jets are dangerous.  If you've watched any of the Pre-Season games this year you will notice that not only can Landry hit hard, he is also showing some ball-hawking skills with 2 interceptions in the last 2 games.  Yeremiah Bell has been limited with soreness, but he is also known as a BIG hitter and has a good grasp of the Defense.  Bush and Allen are both Rookies who look to spend this year devoloping, but Allens play may get him some time on the field this year.  He is a nice hitter, but had an excellent Training Camp intercepting plenty of passes.  If the Jets aren't able to stop TE's and RB's catching balls out of the back field count on these Safeties laying big hits to make Offensive players think three times running across the middle.
     The Jets Offensive Line struggled to make holes for their Running Backs and protect Sanchez for some pretty crushing hits.  Wayne Hunter is gone and plenty of Jets fans are crying from happyness.  In his place is young and raw Ryan Howard and 2nd Round "Bust" Jason Smith from the St. Louis Rams.  Howard has played well so far so the Jets have confidence in his ability and Jets fans know that he couldn't possibly be worse than Wayne Hunter.  There is a new Offensive Coordinator in Tony Sporano, wich means new schemes and philosophies.  The Jets are looking for a return to Ground and Pound, but Sporano isn't looking for Sanchez to be a "Game Manager".  Sanchez will be asked to make deep passes down the field to keep Defenses honest.  Greene has returned as the #1 RB after his first 1,000+ yard season and both Joe Mcknight and Bilal Powell have improved and it's still not clear which RB will play behind Greene and take over LT's 3rd down duties.  Besides Wayne Hunter the Offensive Line struggled due to injuries.  Everyone is healthy so look for improved play from the O-Line and RBs.
     In all 3 years under Rex Ryan the Jets haven't had the players that are able to get to the QB without exotic blitz packages.  Not only did the Jets address this issue in this years Draft by selecting DE Quinton Coples, but two of last years picks, DE Muhomad Wilkerson and NT Kenrick Ellis have both improved and put pressure on opposing QBs this Pre-Season, but OLB/DE Aaron Maybin, (Last years team leader in Sacks and Forced Fumbles) has returned in better shape and spent his first full Off Season to fully grasp the system and expand his role.  The Jets also added former Vikings Defensive Line Coach Karl Dunbar to the staff and he has improved the pass rushing skills to all of his Linemen even making DE Mike Devito, known for stuffing the run into a Pass Rusher off of the Edge.  The Jets now have Coples, Maybin, Wilkerson, Harris, Scott, Devito, Richardson, and Ellis with the ability and talent to get to the Quarterback on a consistant bases.
     The Jets may be on everyones list for worst teams, but anyone who knows Football and ignores Gossip Magazines knows the Jets are in for a bounce back year.  The Jets have not scored a single Touchdown in 3 Pre-Season games, but week one of the Regular Season is when it counts and the teams play for real.  That is when the Jets will unleash their Offense, which includes a new Wild-Cat package that the NFL has been curious about since th Jets made the trade for Tim Tebow.  The Jets will also have most of their Offensive players back healthy and the Defense will show off all of their bells, whistles, blitzes, and new line ups including the 4-3 and 46 Defense.  The time for talking about how disfunctional the Jets are and who will be the starting Quarterback.  Week one the Jets play the Bills and will either be 1-0 or 0-1.
     Let me know wat you #CAN'T WAIT for.  Is it a player, personel group, or scheme?  Share your thoughts and feelings on Gang Green and their doubters.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Why You Should Trust Mike Tannenbaum And Rex Ryan.

     Tebow Time came and went as Mark Sanchez and the new look Jets Offense played their first Pre-Season game against the Bengals.  The Jets finally made a move and moved on from Offensive Coordinator Brian Shottenheimer and brought in former Dolphins Head Coach Tony Sporano.  Head Coach Rex Ryan and General Manager Mike Tannenbaum brought in Sporano to be the mirror image of Rex Ryans Defense on the Offensive side of the ball.  Sporano and Rex share the same philosaphy of running the football, limiting turnovers, and playing great Defense.  Tonight was the first look of the new Offensive System and the new players that were brought onto the team.
     Neither Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow looked impressive while leading the Offense and most of that was from poor protection from the Offensive Line.  All the Offensive players are learning a brand new system, so some growing pains were to be expected.  Mark Sanchez did appear to be decisive and released the ball very quickly.  Tebow looked more like a Quarterback than He did during His time with the Broncos.  He showed strong legs scrambling for some yards and the Jets will see plenty of that when Tebow steps on the field to run the Wild-Cat.  The Offense was without #1 WR Santonio Holmes and starting Right-Tackle Wayne Hunter due to injury, so this hampered the Offense.  Look for the Jets to add more plays and chemistry as the Pre-Season goes on.
     As far as the new Free Agents that Tannenbaum brought in, Safeties LaRon Landry and Yeremiah Bell didn't see much time as the #1's on Defense only played for the 1st Quarter.  The important news is that Landry looked quick and healthy.  If He can stay healthy for the entire Season the Jets will bost one of the top Secondaries in the League.  DE Jay Richardson #92 looked pretty good.  He is a 5th year player previously with the Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks.  He is just another body on a very deep Defensive Lineman Roster.
     During the 2012 Draft when the Jets were up with the 16th selection chants of Melvin Ingram could be heard filling the Radio City Music Hall.  It was a shock to many (incuding myself) when DE Quinton Coples was announced as their pick when many felt Ingram was tailor made for the Jets Defense.  During last nights Pre-Season game between the Sand Diego Chargers, who picked Ingram with their first pick of the Draft and the Green Bay Packers, Ingram looked pretty impressive.  Ingrams play was so impressive that tweets of "Jets fans must be cringing right now" were sent out from NFL Analysts everywhere.  Coples was viewed by some as Vernon Gholston 2.0.  Many are aware that Gholston was a pick by then Head Coach Eric Mangini, but Tannenbaum still has final say and signed off on the pick.  This year Ryan hand picked Coples for his Defense, Tannenbaum signed off on it and in tonights Pre-Season game Coples didn't dissappoint.  The announcers constantly called his name as He was a part of most of the Defensive plays for the 1st 3 Quarters with a few tackles for loss and even a Sack/Forced Fumble.  It is still a long Season, but as good as Ingram was for the Chargers Round 1 of the Ingram vs Coples battle goes to Coples by a land slide.  Rex and Tannenbaum got it right.
     Other Rookies were a little more quiet.  2nd Round Pick WR Stephen Hill had a dropped ball when He was wide open for a First Down pass from QB Tim Tebow.  He did have a few snatches on balls that were a bit high.  Hill is known as a very raw prospect coming out of the Georgia Tech Option Offense.  His speed and height will only be an asset and He did have some moves out there.
     The other late round picks were still feeling their way around, but it is early on in their careers.  7th Round Pick WR Jordan White looked lost on Special Teams with a muffed Kick Off Return, but Un-Drafted Rookie WR Royce Pollard looked good in a catch and his Punt Return.  Mike Tannenbaum is known more for as a numbers guy, but this is the GM that Drafted T D'Brickashaw Ferguson, C Nick Mangold, CB Derrelle Revis, ILB David Harris, QB Mark Sanchez, RB Shonn Greene and oh yeah DE Quinton Coples.  He still has the issue of taking care of Derrelle Revis' contract, but since he has been the GM for the Jets, Mike Tannenbaum has made more smart moves than Vernon Gholstons.  Jets fans are in good hands with Tanny and Rex leading the way.
     What do you think is Tannenbaums best move since he took over in the 2006 Season?  Was it a Draft Pick, Free Agent signing, Coach Hire or Contract Extension.  Share your thoughts in the Comments section.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

PRESEASON WEEK 1: What To Watch For.

     Much has been made in the media of a scirmish between Jets teamates in the last 2 days of Training Camp.  Some believe this is the beginning of another year of a fractured locker room, and people who actually know what they are talking about know that this is a normal part of Training Camp across the League.  One thing everyone would agree on is that the Jets are ready to hit players wearing different color uniforms, and Jets fans want to see what their team has been working on all off season to correct an 8-8 season.
     New players through Free Agency, WR Chaz Schilens, S LaRon Landry, S Yeremiah Bell, K Josh Brown will be on full display in some position battles with the 2 new Safeties expected to be the new starters and answer to the biggest weakness on Defense.  Josh Brown has been in a tight battle with Nick Novak and the competition has brought out the best in both kickers, more notably Novak who seems to thrive during competition, but needs to be more consistant during the regular Season.  Safeties Landry and Bell were brought in to plug in the middle of the Secondary and stop TE's from bleeding the Defense dry.  Both players are known for being in the box players, so it will be good to see how they work in coverage knowing they can trust their Corners to handle their assignments one on one with no need for help.  Schilens was the vocal leader against CB Antonio Cromartie's comments about being the #2 WR on the Roster, so lets see if He can step up on the field as well.
     Many Jets fans are excited about the Jets contraversal 2012 Draft Class which may be as good as the 2007 Draft Class highlighted by CB Derrelle Revis and ILB  David Harris.  1st Round pick DE Quinton Coples wasn't  the player fans or critics expected to get with DE/OLB Melvin Ingram and OLB Courtney Upshaw still on the Board.  Coples looked good good in OTAs, but has been quiet for most of Training Camp.  The Jets have said that they will use more 4-3 alignments, so the Coples pick makes more sense, but the Jets need to see something from their 1st Round pick during the Pre-Season.
     2nd Round pick WR Stephen Hill is a big, fast, and strong WR that Fans and Critics are in love with.  He has his issues, but He is battling for the #2 WR position and the Jets are counting on him to step up.  He has impressed in Training Camp against Revis and Cromartie who are both far above average Corners, so it will be interesting to see how he does against Corners around the League and it all starts Friday.
     3rd Round pick ILB Demario Davis has most people taking a closer look.  With Bart Scott not playing well last year and being up there in age with a large contract it is a matter of when not if Davis will be inserted into the starting lineup.  Davis is a big hitter with a 4.5 40 yard dash.  His leadership skills have been on full display with comparisons to Ray Lewis, but the Jets want to see him show skills on the field.  Lets see if Davis can put pressure on the QB, stop the run and cover TEs as well as he leads off of the field.
     6th Round pick S Josh Bush and 7th Round pick S Antonio Allen are both developemental picks with neither expected to make any big impacts this year.  Bush is the only natural FS on the Jets Roster so the Jets were hoping to see something from him incase of injuries, but Allen who played exclusively in the box in S. Carolina has been the ball hawk in Training Camp above ALL of the Safeties.  It will be interesting to see how much these 2 players can pick up in their first year and if the Coaching Staff will implement certain packages, cause the players are just too good to keep them off of the field.
     Of course Tim Tebow will be heavily watched, but the QB who should be in the spotlight is starter Mark Sanchez.  How well has he picked up Tony Sporano's Offense and how much chemistry does he have with a Recieving Core that has had injuries and missed practices all Training Camp.  Sanchez has been praised by the Coaching Staff and Media alike for his leadership qualities and understandng of the QB Position.  Tebow will be Tebow and that is that.
     There is a battle for the #2 RB spot between 3rd year player Joe McKnight who was a superstar in kick-off returns last year and 2nd year player Bilal Powell who was abismal last year in the few snaps he recieved.  It doesn't matter who impresses during practice because when it comes to the RB position it is all about what you do with the pads on and the bodies flying.
     I am most excited to see what Sanchez does under center, how good Stephen Hill can be and how hard Landry is going to hit someone.  What are you looking for in the Jets 1st Pre-Season game against the Bengals Friday night?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is ESPN More Like A Gossip Show???

     ESPN has had full coverage at Jets Training Camp up in Cortland New York.  Everyday you will see an interview with various members of the Jets organization.  There is one interview that has been blown completely out of praportion by the Media that really shows that ESPN is lacking analysts with the ability to Gossip more than speak about Football ins and outs.
     Antonio Cromartie appeared on a segment of ESPN's First Take.  During His interview it was brought up that the Jets would line up Cro for a hand full of plays at WR.  After Cromartie was asked where He would place HIMSELF on the WR chart his response was complimentary to HIMSELF.  He stated that he would place himself 2nd up there with Santonio Holmes.  He stated that He knows all the Route Trees and his raw athletesism an talent, he would place himself 2nd.  There was no problem when He said this on First Take, but somehow this became a fractured locker room again.
     The problem would have been if Cro said that He would place himself 6th or 7th.  You are suppose to have confidence and if any player on the team were to be asked where they would place THEMSELVES it would be alarming if they said they are the worst and the bottom of the barrell.
     ESPN and most other Media Members have been waiting for anything to happen so the can write stories on the "Debacle" that is the New York Jets.  8-8 is not 2-14 or even 6-10, but somehow the Jets who had 15 teams ahead of them in the Draft were the most messed up team?  The Giants won the SuperBowl at 9-7 in the regular season.  That is 1 game more than the Chaotic Jets.
     Most ESPN Analysts now say that the Jets will have a losing Season and miss the Playoffs for the 2nd straight Season.  Most reasons are due to the dysfunction as an organization.  It just seems to me that the "Experts" are more focused on the end of last Season than the team that is on the Jets.  Tim Tebow will be a problem for the Jets when the fans start screaming for Tebow Tebow Tebow!!!  Problem with that is that Jets fans are not Bronco fans.  We are relevant and don't need headlines.  Jets fans want wins and you need the best players to win.  Even ESPN has noted that there is no QB Contreversy now because Mark Sanchez is leaps and bounds ahead of Tim Tebow.
     We don't hear much about how the Jets revamped their Safety Positions which was the biggest weakness on Defense last year.  A Defense that finished 5th in the League last year.  It would be safe to say that a team that fixes weaknesses would be BETTER, but not if you work for ESPN or the Media.  Before the Season started it was noted that Sanchez needed a QB, to challenge Him, but somehow Tebow is not allowed to be that challenger.
     Cromartie said nothing wrong and Chaz Chillens' reaction to it was over blown.  Head Coach Rex Ryan let His players know to be smarter when they speak to the Media.  ESPN said that it was an attempt to curve a fractured locker room. I have some common sense so i disagree.  Rex Ryan was trying to let his team know that the Media is trying to stir things up, so make sure your smart and don't give the Media anything that they can stretch and use against them.  The Jets don't have a contraversy, so the Media needs to make some to sell papers and keep viewers tuned in.
     In a week the Jets get to put on pads and play against another team in a pre-season game and the Wins can start piling up and the Media will naturally back pedal and start to praise the Jets that they believed in all the time.  Football commentary is suppose to be about Football.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

To Lin Or Not To Lin?

     The New York Knicks have said in the last few weeks that they would match ANY deal offered to their young star PG.  The Houston Rockets have called the Knicks bluff with a 3 year deal including a 14 million dollar third year poison pill.  After the details of the deal became public, Knicks Head Coach Mike Woodson stated that the Knicks would "absolutely" match Houstons deal, but with the signing and trading for PG Raymond Felton from the Portland Trailblazers, and Free Agent PG Jason Kidd already signed, a Jeremey Lin and Knicks reunion looks unlikely to most.
     The Knicks would have to pay 30 million in luxury tax in the third year for Lins contract alone.  This would scare away most owners and it hasn't been proven that Lin can play to his potential for a full season.  Lin is a special case though.  Ignore the many MANY over-paid players the Knicks have signed under owner Jim Dolan, Lin will pay for the Luxury Tax many times over.  Lin is an international Superstar whether He is an All-Star player or not (Tim Tebow anyone?).  Linsanity was the biggest story in Sports last year and besides the money He would bring to the Knicks in merchandising and attendance, he will help them keep headlines away from the up and coming Brooklyn Nets who are doing everything they can to steal some of the New York limelight.  Signing Lin is simply put, a wise business move and smart investment.
     Let us not forget that Lin is a young player still developing and He did not become a "Linsation" simply because He is an Asian American.  He rescued the Knicks and played at an All-Star level even besting Kobe Bryant on National Telivision.  Kidd and Felton are solid veterans, although Felton has been a dissapointment outside of his time in Mike D'Antoni's PG friendly system.  Neither player is going to improve much if at all.  Lin on the other hand has quickness and the intellegence to run the Point, but is very raw and has room to grow as a player.  He kept his high level of play when Mike Woodson took over as the Head Coach and Linsanity only died down due to a season ending injury.  Bottom Line, you sign Lin to develope and continue his role on the team.
     What would you do if it was your choice?  Would you sign Jeremey Lin and pay a hefty Luxury Tax in year 3 of the deal, or would you move on and let go of a player who may become an All-Star in this League?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bills Over Jets In Playoff Race?

     The New England Patriots have been penciled in as the AFC East Champions for the up coming year.  If your not Joe Namath you should probably stay away from the predicting and guaranteeing business.  That however is an arguement that I would hear out.  The Patriots have owned the regular Season in the AFC for a decade.  That doesn't mean they will win the AFC this year, but it looks pretty good. Coming off of a Super Bowl appearance that they were one incompletion away from winnning is another reason to think they will be on top.  Many like their Draft picks, but they haven't struck gold too often.  The Patriots may be the top dog, but who could possibly challenge them?
     The New York Jets have been the only thorn in the Patriots side for the past few years, and the match up is one of the biggest rivalries in Football today.  The Bills snapped a ver VERY long losing streak against the Pats and have made some huge improvements to their roster.  The Miami Dolphins are still in the gutter, so it seems as if this is going to be a three team race this year for the AFC East Title and Wild-Card Playoff spots.  The Bills finished 6-10 last year which was expected while the Jets finished 8-8 which was a dissappointment.  The New England Patriots will have to worry about both teams this year, but which AFC East underdog will have the better year?  Well, who has the better team?
     The Jets are spearheaded by a Defensive minded Head Coach while the Bills are lead by an Offensive minded Head Coach.  Chan Gailey is an above average Offensive Coach while Rex Ryan is arguably the best if not the second best Defensive mind in the NFL over the past 10 years.  The Jets will be in the top 5 in overall Defense for as long as he is the Coach of the Jets as they have been since Rex Joined the team in 2009.  Gailey hasn't had such an impact.  Gailey does seem to be just what the Bills need though, but the better Coach is leading the Green and White.
     No other position on the field is more important than the Quarterback.  The Jets have been talked about as a team on the cusp of having a QB contraversy ever since they pulld off a trade for Tim Tebow.  The Bills however may fall in the same boat since they signed Vince Young this year as their backup.  Young has won more games than the Bills curren starter Ryan Fitzpatrick and if it wasn't for a clash with his former Head Coach he would still be the starter with the Titans.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is a smart and capable QB.  He grasps the Offensive system and makes the most out of his throws.  He is not elite, but he can be dangerous at times.  Tim Tebow is with the Jets to run the Wild-Cat.  He will not replace Sanchez as the starter, so we will move right along.  Sanchez is harder to figure out.  He is more physically gifted than Fitzpatrick, but he makes some pretty bone headed throws.  He is younger and not as seasoned, but he has a higher ceiling.  Sanchez had career numbers even though he played behind the worst Right Tackle in the NFL last year, an injured LG, a Center on a bad ankle for a few games and zero deep threat at the WR postion.  Sanchez may or may not have a huge year, but for now the edge goes to Fitzpatrick.
     The Bills Offense was hurt badly when starting Running Back Fred Jackson ended his season early due to injury.  He may have finished the year as the #1 RB in the NFL.  The Jets got their first 1,000 yard season from Shonn Greene who ran behind the same Offensive Line that hampered Sanchez.  The Bills have another star on Offense in WR Stevie Johnson.  He was the only WR to make Darrelle Revis look Human last year.  If one of the other WRs can become a threat opposite him the Bills Offense could really open up.  They still have issues on the Offensive Line, but a strong running game from Jackson and back speedster CJ Spiller can mask that problem.  The Bills run a spread Offense which will test most opponents secondary.  The Jets have a new Offensive Coordinator in Tony Sparano.  The team will return to the ground and pound that lead them to two back to back AFC Championship games.  This should take the pressure off of Sanchez.  The key will be new WRs Stephen Hill and Chaz Chillens.  If either can come in and use their 6'4 heights and 4.3 speed to be a vertical threat opposite Santonio Holmes then the passing game can have huge plays this year that they haven't had since the departure of Braylron Edwards.  Of course if Wayne Hunter has another dismall year then none of that matters.  The Bills will have the better Offense this year unless Shottenheimer really was the reason for the Jets poor performances on Offense.
     So far nothing besides the Coaches has been a clear cut winner.  Much has been made of the Bills aquisitions on Defense.  Bringing in DE Mario Williams and DE Mark Anderson from the Patriots was a big bold move that should have Bill fans very excited.  They now have one of the premier pass Rushers in the League on their team and another up and comer.  The Bills are also switching back to a 4-3 Defense which will help Kyle Williams return to his natural position and Marcel Dareus should be even better than he has been when he returns to the middle.  The Bills also Drafted CB Stephen Gilmore to help out an already decent Secondary.  The Bills will have a better year on Defense and it may be the strength of the team.  The Jets already had a dominant Defense and Head Coach Rex Ryan has already stated that he will be more hands on this year.  If he was last year the Jets would have went from 5th in Defense to 1st.  The Jets added players to fix their weaknesses on that side of the ball.  Safety LaRon Landry is a question mark due to his injury, but when healthy is one of the best Safeties in the League.  The Jets also added another big hitting Safety in Yeremiah Bell.  Two Rookies were drafted at the position as well, Josh Bush and Antonio Allen.  DE Quinton Coples fell to them in the 1st Round of the Draft and they Drafted Demario Davis and ILB with 4.5 speed in the 3rd round.  What makes these moves so impressive is that they are just add ons to an already dominant and impressive group.  Darrelle Revis is hands down the best CB in the NFL today and they have another #1 Corner opposite him in the 2 spot by the name of Antonio Cromartie.  The Jets easily have the best secondary in the NFL and their Defensive Line looks better than mosts.  Sione Pouha is a dominant run stuffer that demands double teams, and 2nd year DE Muhammad Wilkerson will be much improved after a full off season.  Marcus Dixon is an above average Role player and Mike Devito will not come off of the bench and that just adds to the depth.  The scary member of this group is Quinton Coples who is and athletic freak.  The Jets will mix up their Defense and create havok for the opposition.  The Defense will be the best in the League this year and could be the best in the last decade depending on injuries.  I have no clue why people aren't talking more about this defense.  I guess that Tim Tebows new socks are a bigger story to the "experts" but the Defense alone is enough to put the Jets over the Buffalo Bills.
     You have to give credit where it is deserved.  The Jets were a fractured team, but that was last year.  The Defense is a min stay for as long as Rex is there and there won't be a team this year that performs well against them.  Be very afraid.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Thoughts On The New York Jets Entering Training Camp

     The 2012 Off-Season has been an interesting one for the Jets, to say the least.  The team traded for the most famous back up in NFL History.  The Media loves this move if only for the headlines of Tim Tebow in the Big Apple.  The Media has also created a Darrelle Revis hold out and pedictions of a losing season.  Since the "experts" clearly don't know what they are talking about I am going to share my thoughts and opinions on the New York team wearing Green & White.
     First thing is first, Revis will be at training camp.  This is a story that isn't a story.  Revis never said that he will hold out and he has a clause in his contract that would essentially ruin his career if he did hold out.  He has a 3 year extension clause for minimum money if he holds out and the Jets would OWN him for the next 5 years.  The media needed something to talk about so they threw darts at the wall.  Expect Revis to give the QB, and WRs trouble all season long, but the Jets only the best CB in the League.
     If you are one of those people that thinks Tim Tebow will ever start at QB for the Jets for any other reason BESIDES a Mark Sanchez injury, then Football should not be the Sport you follow.  Tebow was brought to the Jets to play in the Wild-Cat formation and for short yardage situations.  He will obviousy get practice reps at the QB position, but even Brad Smith spent plenty of time during Training Camp from the QB position.  Mark Sanchez is head and shoulders a better QB if you only use the play from the 2011 season. Expect for Sanchez to improve greatly now that Shottenheimer is on a team far far away from here and Sanchez is entering his fourth Season as an NFL starter.  During OTAs and Mini-Camps it has been clear to even the die-hard Tebowmaniacs that Sanchez is far more accurate and the more polished player at the QB position.  The best QB will play  and even Ron Jaworski rates Tim Tebow as the #30 QB in the NFL.
     The Free Agents are looking good.  The Jets were not as aggressive attacking Free Agency as they have been in years past, but the players they did go after seem to be fitting in perfectly.  LaRon Landry is coming off of an injury so it will be some time befoe we fully understand how he jells with the team, but his recovery is moving along much quicker than anyone had anticipated.  If he stays healthy for this upcoming Season the Jets will have the best secondary in the NFL, hands down.  Yeremiah Bell is the other Safety they brought in with expectations to be the starter (sorry Eric Smith).  He has REALLY impressed so far in his short stint with the team.  Like Landry, Bell is known more as an in the box player, but both have covering skills that are over shadowed due to them being such aggressive players in the run game.  Expect for the Coaching staff to put them in positions where they can be the most impactful.  Chaz Shillens is a WR from the Raiders who has been injured his entire career.  He is a tall body with 4.3 speed much like Braylon Edwards and 2nd round Draft pick Stephen Hill.  He comes with a lot of question marks, but he did have a spectacular catch in the End-Zone over Darrelle Revis.  For that alone we will be keeping an eye on him.
     Speaking of Rookies, it seems like the Jets might have another year like 2007 in this department.  That year they landed Revis and David Harris.  One is the best CB and the other is a top 10 ILB who may end up in the top 5 when this season is said and done.  DE Quinton Coples has been compared to Julius Peppers, WR Stephen Hill has been compared to Calvin Johnson and ILB/OLB  Demario Davis has been compared to Ray Lewis.  I am dizzy just from imaging the possiblilities, but we have to keep in mind that these players must make their own names for themselves.  So far Coples has lined up all across the front 7 on Defense.  The Jets will be using more 4-3 allignments as well as the 46 Defense created by Buddy Ryan, Father to Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan, and used by new Defensive Lines Coach Karl Dunbar who was an assistant Coach under Buddy Ryan in Arizona alongside fellow assistant Rex Ryan.  Coples has also spent time standing up at OLB in the Jets base 3-4 allignment.  Coples is so incredibly athletic that there is no limit to where Rex can put him in the Defense.  Stephen Hill has been running all over the field so far.  He was clocked in the 4.29 range prior to the Draft and he certainly has showed that speed running down the field for some impressive catches.  Hill looks like he may be the #1 WR later on in the Season.  Lets see if he can still get open when the pads come on.  I am expecting for Hill to be in the conversation for Offensive Rookie of the Year.  ILB Demario Davis has shown leadership qualities early on, but it is his 4.5 speed that has impressed me the most.  Bart Scott has lost some weight and looks like he will return to the player he was during the '09 and '10 season, but Davis would still be faster than He was at those years.  Davis will also recieve the benefit of learning from Bart Scott which will benefit him greatly in the years to come.
     The Jets got their Safeties in Free Agency, pass rushers in the Draft and if they play to the level expected, then you can bet on the Jets having the #1 Defense this year.  If you add in comparisions, then we are talking about having one of the best Defenses EVER!  The Jets sufferred from Chemistry issues last year and not so much holes at certain positions.  They just improved themselves greatly.  They need their WRs to get open and make plays down the field in order to help Mark Sanchez and the running game.  All of the new players will be on display when the pads come on for Training Camp and we will see just who will have some impact in the upcoming Season.
     What expectations do you have for the new players?  Comments and opinions are more than welcome.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The 2012 NFL Draft is HERE!!!

     The New York Jets are historicaly bad when it comes to the draft.  Past GM's have chosen Ken O'Brian over Dan Marino, and ignored a screaming Radio City crowd and passed on Warren Sapp.  The current GM Mike Tannenbaum has made a first round mistake when he listened to his then Head Coach, Eric Mangini and chose to Pick Vernon Gholdston #6 overall.  Tanneanbaum traded back up to draft the player that HE wanted in TE Dustin Keller.
     Mike Tannenbaum is at his best when he goes after the players that he wants.  Besides the Gholston debacle, Tannenbaum hasn't missed in the first round or on players that he has traded up in the draft to pick.  2006 1st Round D'Brickashaw Ferguson T, and Nick Mangold C, 2007 the Jets traded up in the 1st round for Darrelle Revic CB (The best defensive player in the NFL) and again traded up in the 2nd round for David Harris ILB.  2008 was the wasted pick on Vernon Gholston, then in 2009 the Jets traded WAY up in the 1st round for Mark Sanchez QB and again in the 3rd round for Shonn Greene. 2010 the Jets Selected Kyle Wilson in the 1st round and he looked to be a mistake in his first year, but then proved the Jets right in his second year giving the Jets the best starting CB trio in the NFL, and later in the draft the Tannenbaum traded up in the 6th round for John Conner FB.  2011 1st Mohammad Wilkerson DE and traded up in the 5th for Jeremey Kerrley WR.
     Other players still with the Jets that were drafted by the Jets including Sione Pouha NT, Bryan Thomas OLB, Eric Smith S, Joe Mcknight RB (Lead the league in kickoff returns last year), and Matt Slauson G.  Mike Tannenbaum has been regarded as a numbers guy since he took over for the New York Jets, but he has selected a number of long term players for the Jets and pulled off a few trades over the years.  Jets fans should be excited to see who is added to the roster during this years draft, but who will be the 1st round pick and be added later on?
     Mark Barron S Alabama and Courtney Upshaw OLB Alabama were the 2 early favorites to be selected by the Jets in the 1st round.  Since then Michael Floydd WR Notre Dame has been linked with the pick with reports that Melvin Ingram DE/OLB S. Carolina is the players that the Jets would run to the podium for.  There are also reports that the Jets would trade up to select Trent Richardson RB Alabama, so it is hard to figure out just what the Jets would actually do.  The good news for the Jets is that none of these would be a bad idea.  This years draft is deep in the DE/OLB position and extremely loaded in the WR position so the Jets could end up double dipping in both positions and with Calvin Pace OLB and Bryan Thomas OLB probably playing their last years with the Jets, that sounds like a very good idea.
     Option number one in my opinion would be to select Melvin Ingram in the 1st round and trading up for Alshon Jeffries WR S. Carolina in the 2nd round.  This will allow the Jets to get their starting OLB for the next 10 years and give them the #2 WR to compliment Santonio Holmes and help out their QB Mark Sanchez.
     Option number two would be to select Michael Floydd in the 1st round and pick Vinny Curry DE/OLB Marshall in te 2nd round and trade up to select Bruce Irving OLB in the 2nd round as well.  This will give the Jets a WR who could potentially push Santonio Holmes for the #1 WR spot and help block in the running game while adding two pass rushers in case one doesn't pan out.  This move could solve both starting OLB positions afterthe young players learn their roles and improve their skills in the pro system.
     The Jets have a number of different options to choose from and a lot depnds on what moves the other teams make of course.  What moves would you like to see the Jets make in the early rounds of this years draft?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Ups and Downs of the New York Knicks

     For those of you that have followed the Knicks 2012 Season it must be a confusing time for you.  It is hard to figure out just where this team stands.  Once you have them figured out they undergo a dramatic change and become something completely different.  The Knicks started the season 8-15, then became the hottest team in the NBA and Sports in general when the World was infected with Linsanity.  The Knicks won 7 straight anf the teams Point Guard questions seemed answered.  With help from some injuries the Knicks struggled again and Coach Mike D'Antony decided to hit the road.  Since then Jeremey Lin, and Amare' Stoudemire missed significant time and the Knicks have gone 13 and 4 behind Carmelo Anthony who has averaged 30 plus points for the last month.
     The Knicks still have not played significant games with a complete roster under interim Coach Mike Woodson.  Lin is expected to be back with the team if they make it past the first round of the Play-Offs, but Stoudemire may be back as early as this Wednesday.  When Melo and Amare' were out with Lin and the Knicks thriving the question on most peoples minds were 'Are the Knicks better without it's two Superstars?'  Now with Melo on a tear the new question is 'Are the Knicks better without Lin and Amare'?'  With the loss to Miami fresh it is clear that Melo can't do all of the scoring.  He needs someone to take some of the pressure off.  Insert the Superstar that started this return to relevancy for the New York Knicks.
     What has been most impressive with Carmelo Anthony of late is his effort outside of just scoring.  Melo has been very solid on the defensive end and has helped the team with assists.  Stoudemire like Melo was not known for his defense, but has also played better this year.  Coach Woodson has been able to get Anthony and the rest of the Knicks to dial all in so why won't he be able to do the same with Amare' Stoudemire?  If Amare' can get healthy and commit to defense it is scary to think how good this team can be.  The Knicks are 5th in defensive efficiancy since Mike Woodson took over and if they can add Amare's long frame and rebounding ability, then they could reach even higher.
     With the return of Stoudemire though the Knicks will face yet another transformation and it is hard to judge what kind of team the Knicks will be.  What do you think? What kind of team can/will the Knicks be and are they better or worse with Amare' returning?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time For The Young Jets To Show And IMPROVE.

     This Off-Season the New York Jets have been pretty quiet with Free-Agent signings.  Entering this years NFL Draft the Jets have plenty of holes to fill.  You could say that the Jets traded for a back up QB when they traded for one Timothy Tebow.  Their signings this year have included LaRon Landry SS, Chaz Chilens WR and  that is it for new Jets.
     The Jets have 10 draft picks and QB is the only position that should not be drafted.  The Jets need a RT, a #2 Wide Receiver, a complimentary Running Back, a starting Free Safety, a pass rushing Outside Linebacker, a blocking Tight-End, and depth along the Offensive Line and Cornerback positions.  Their are a wide view of which position is the most important and needs to be addressed in the early rounds.  Which positions need to be filled at all though and which ones already have young players ready to take over if given the chance?
     Ladanian Tomlinson has not been brought back and his replacement has not been signed as of yet, but don't the Jets have a young explosive RB named Joe Mcknight on their roster?  Mcknight was an embarrassement entering his Rookie season when reporters caught the young player vomiting during drills.  He shined at the end of that season against the Buffalo Bills and continued the excitement in his Sophemore year when he took over duties as the Kick Returner.  Many Jets fans called for the "Night-Rider" to get more playing time and I am in full support of Mcknight taking over as Shonn Green's partner in the back field.  If the Jets are going to Draft a RB I hope it will be a late round pick and more so for a camp body to push Bilal Powell.
     The Jets last year were going to run a simular double Tight-End as the New England Patriots with Dustin Keller and Jeff Cumberland.  Cumberland blew out his achilles tendon early on in the season and that idea was scrapped.  The injury caused the Jets to elivate Josh Baker from the practice squad and he proved to be a servicable TE/FB hybrid.  With a full Off-Season under Cumberland and Baker the Jets now have 3 TE that can contribute to the team.  None are capable blockers , but that is a part of the position that they can learn and improve on.  The Jets are also on the verge of signing a young Rugby player and using him as a TE.  The player in questioning is reported to be 6'7 and 265 lbs.  There goes your blocker.  I dont believe the Jets should use any of their 10 picks on a TE.
     Wayne Hunter earned a contract due to the play he showed in practice and the great job he did when starter Damien Woody was injured during the 2012-2011 season.  Somehow he was anything but great last season entering the year as the starter.  It was a very bad year, but was it just that, a bad year?  If it is more than that the Jets do have a young Offensive Lineman named Vladamir Ducasse who has been shuffled all across the Offensive Line during practice and showed promise being called in as an extra Lineman during running plays last year.  How good can Big Vlad be at one position of the Jets ask him to learn just ONE position?  The Jets are going to need to draft a tackle for depth, but Vlad and Hunter should be given a chance to duke it out for the starting RT position and a player should be drafted in the middle to late rounds to develope for the future.
     Last year the Jets signed a Buffalo bust TWICE and Arron Maybin who just got a 1st round tender is hoping that the 3rd time is the charm.  Last year Maybin introduced "Mayhem" to Jets Nation.  Aaron "Mayhem" Maybin lead the Jets in Sacks and Forced Fumbles.  The Coaching staff gave Maybin keys to work on during the Off-Season and he will enter this year knowing the system and looking to increase his role.  With Calvin Pace and Bryan Thomas being nothing but run stuffers at this point in their careers the Jets do need to Draft an Ouside Linebackker of the future.  Even if Maybin turns into an every down player the Jets are gonna need an OLB on the opposite side.  Many draft Gurus have the Jets drafting either Courtney Upshaw OLB Alabama, or Melvin Ingram OLB/DE S. Carolina with the #16 pick.  If Ingram is available when the Jets pick it should be the quickest card heading to the podium as Ingram is regarded as the best pass rusher in this years draft.  Their are players like Vinny Curry OLB/DE Marshall and Bruce Irvin OLB NC State in the 2nd round.  The Jets are going to have to draft an OLB with one or both of their first 2 picks.
     The Jets signed LaRon Landry, but he should just be able to do a better job than Eric Smith, but neither player is elite in pass coverage.  The door isnt closed for Jim Leanord, but he is comig off of his 2nd straight season ending injury.  Barron Davis S Alabama would be a stretch with the 16th pick, but the Jets could trade back to select him while picking up and additiona draft pick.  When you have the New England Patriots in your divison it is essentia to your Playoff chances to have Safeties to cover their TE's.  Barron is by far the best S in this years Draft, but the Jets finished last year 5th in total defense.  Do the Jets really need to focus on the defensive side of the ball?
     The Jets have a chance to pick up the #1 reciever in this years draft with #16 pick.  Michael Floyd is quickly showing that he may be the best WR this year, but character issues may make a few teams pass on him.  The Jets want to run the ball this year and establish the Ground & Pound that was so dominant the first year of the Rex Ryan era.  You need a threat in the passing game to keep defenses honest, and the team just invested a lot of money in Mark Sanchez, so it would be beneficial for the GM to back up the investment with play makers to help out his young QB.  If it comes down to Floyd and any other player I feel that the Jets have no choice but to pick up the young WR.
     Where do you think the Jets should go with the #16 pick and which Jet do you think will step up this year?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

To Trade Or Not To Trade???

     Last year the New York Knicks made a big splash by trading for Carmelo Anthony.  They Knicks gave up a lot of to land the star SF, and quite frankly, He hasn't lived up to the hype.  I know that some people want to blame the coach for Melo's drop in production, but this simply isn't the case.  LeBron James had different coaches and is still leading MVP voting.  Kobe Bryant has a new Coach this year and is leading the NBA in Scoring.  Melo is having career lows and noone is to blame, but Carmelo Anthony.
     Would it be a smart idea for the Knicks to trade away their lack luster star though?  When Melo was out with injury the Knicks went 7 straight without a loss and surprising players were actually able to shine.  Since the All-Star break the Knicks have only won one game and are at risk of losing the 8th seed in the playoffs.  The trade deadline is coming up and the question has to be asked, is it time to make some sort of trade to fix the Knicks?
     Rumors are saying that the Knicks could have Dwight Howard for Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony AND Dwight would be willing to sign a long term contract to stay with the Knicks.  This move would actually free up some money for the Knicks too.  As good as Chandler has been for the Knicks Dwight Howard is better Offensively and Defensively.  Getting rid of Melo would also bring back the fluid Offense that the team had while he was on the bench.
     It has been very evident that the 2nd unit for the Knicks is actually better than the starting unit and that is just strange.  The Knicks need to figure out a way to become a better team and fast.  They have far too much talent to lose this many games.  Chemistry goes a long way and it may be time to admit that Melo does not fit in with the rest of the team.
     What do you think?  Should the Knicks trade Carmelo or any other player, or should they wait and see if the team can perform better?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch

     When Peyton Manning was released by the Colts and became available for all other NFL teams the Jets inquired about the first ballot hall of famer, as they sould have.  The Jets looked into all ways to imprve the team and they decided that the best way was to stick with te Quarterback that got them to the AFC Championship game 2 out of the 3 years in his professional career.  Make now doubt once the information becomes available, that GM Mike Tannenbaum manufactured a way for the Jets to have enough Cap space to negotiate with Free Agents in a few days.
     Jets fans, you have your Quarterback.  Your stuck with him whether you like him or not.  I for one love it!  I am a big believer in Mark Sanchez and now the team can focus on the real reasons for last years downfall.  They need to adress the Offensive Line so their newly extended franchise QB stays healthy, a deep threat Wide-Reciever to stretch the field and take some of the coverage away from Santonio Holmes, a pass rusher to put pressure on opposing QBs, and some help in the Safety position to shore up the middle of the defense.  It will be interesing to see if the Jets are now IN the Mario Williams sweepstakes.
     Mark Sanchez joins a growing list of players who have signed extensions to be Jets for the next few years.  He joins CB Darrelle Revis, C Nick Mangold, LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson, ILB David Harris, S Eric Smith, CB Antonio Cromartie, WR Santonio Holmes, and soon to be NT Sione Pouha.  What sticks out to any of you about these names?  Well if you notice, with Mark Sanchez included that is 7 players that the Jets drafted during the Tannenbaum era.  This goes to show that our GM seems to be making the right desicions during the draft, so lets see what Gem he gets the team next month.
     The Jets made a bold move today and it will be very interesting to see what else they have up their sleeves.  There are rumors that the Jets are trying to shop RT Wayne Hunter, and ILB Bart Scott.  If either is moved, then that would be one more need that becomes even more important during the Draft, but it also frees up even more cap space.  The Eagles need an ILB and they have a WR that has been disruptive.  Could we see a trade consisting of WR Santonio Holmes and ILB Bart Scott for WR DeSean Jackson? Could we see WR Vincent Jackson signing with the Jets during Free Agency?  How about DE/OLB Mario Williams becoming the game changing pass rusher that the Jets have lacked since they traded Abraham to the Antlanta Falcons in 2005?
     Leave a comment on what moves the Jets could or should make once Free Agency begins March 13th.  Who should they trade and who should they sign?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

How Many Stories Can You Get From One Knick Game???

     Linsanity strikes again.  It's not about the points, assists, or steals that he had in the game. He finished with 28 points, 14 assists, and 5 steals if you wanted to know though.  This game for Jeremey was about the clutch factor.  He had 7 turnovers, but came through during clutch moments of the game to show the League and a National audiance that He is for real.  Many people still feel that they need to see more from the Asian Sensation, but now they are starting to sound like haters.
     How about the Steve Novak show?  He has averaged 12 points off of the bench in the last 8 games (14 this afternoon) and much like Lin, was buried on the bench before the Nets game.  He hit 3 after 3 pointer to open up the court for the rest of his players, and played some decent defense.  The biggest thing He did in my eyes was embrace being in New York by placing a Championship Belt around his waiste after a clutch contested 3 pointer that saw nothing but net.  Lin is the humble Hero, but Novak made sure to let you all know that Lin isnt the only talented Knick that has gone overlooked.
     In case you haven't heard, J.R. Smith was signed by the Knicks over the weekend.  Smith got into New York late Saturday afternoon and in Sundays afternoon game made a huge impression.  Not only did he shoot well scoring 15 points off of the bench, but had a few deflections on defense and a couple of beautiful assists.  He will only get better once he practices with his new teammates in a new system and builds team chemistry.  Speaing of team chemistry, when Jared Jeffries went down after a foul, Smith was the firs one to run over and help him up.  That is a good sign for a player known for being a ball chucker.
     Speaking of Jeffries, Dirk wasn't looking as unstoppable once Jeffris matched of with te 7 footer defensively.  Jeffries continues to play well and is finally getting the respect from the hard to please Madison Square Garden crowd.  How a player that plays defense and sacrafices his body taking charge after charge is beyond me.  He has been playing great over the past 9 games and is a big part of the Knicks going 8 and 1 in that stretch.
     Oh and this was the first match up for Tyson Chandler and his old team.  Chandler felt slighted that Dalls decided to keep themselves open for big Free Agents next year (Dwight Howard, Deron Williams) instead of investing in the player that changed their weak defensive identity and led the Mavs to their first Championship.  Well one teams trash is another teams treasure.  In his "REVENGE" game he finisshed with 14 points and 10 rebounds.   Tyson has made the Knicks a defensive threat.  Even before the Linsanity began the Knicks played excellent defense, offense was the weakness.  In todays game Chandler sacraficed his body banging with the big bodies on the Dallas roster.  He also recieved his Championship ring today and it makes you wonder if he was thinking about adding another ring to his collection after the Knicks dominated his former team in the 4th quarter for the victory.
     I know that Lin has been getting all of the attention even though he has been quick to try and deflect the attention to his teammates.  Maybe we need to look at the Knicks as a whole instead of one player.  There are so many stories that almost go unnoticed.  A story that I will leave you with?  Tomorrow night should be the return of Carmelo Anthony.  The stories are only beginning.
     What has been one of your favorite stories during this magical Lin era?

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Knicks Are Now DEEP?

     Last year the New York Knicks gutted their team to trade for Carmelo Anthony.  They entered the off-season very thin in depth.  The Knicks Drafted PG/SG Iman Shumpert in the first round and made a trade with New Orleans to Draft PF/C Josh Harrelson.  They then added Tyson Chandler in a sign and trade with the Dallas Mavericks.  In Free Agency they added PG Mike Bibby and PG Baron Davis.  When Iman Shumpert was injured on the opening day match up the Knicks added PG Jeremy Lin for depth and we all know how that move has turned out for the Knicks.  Today the Knicks have added SG J.R. Smith.
     The Knicks will have to cut a player to add Smith, and we can be pretty certain that PF Ronaldo Balkman will be shown the door.  This brings the roster to 3 Centers (Tyson Chandler, Josh Harrelson, Jerome Jordan) 4 Forwards (Amare' Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, Jared Jeffries, Steve Novak) and 8 Guards (Jeremey Lin, Landry Fields, Iman Shumpert, Toney Douglas, Mike Bibby, Baron Davis, J.R. Smith, Billy Walker). This will create some very interesting line-ups for Coach Mike D'Antoni to draw up.
     Walker, Shumpert, and Fields have all seen time at Small Forward, so it will be interesting to see how the Knicks line up during certain situations. To give you an idea of the possibilities I will give you the starting line up and back ups as is, then three examples of substitutions once everyone gets healthy. Starting Line up: C Chandler, PF Stoudemire, SF Anthony, SG Fields, PG Lin. Off the bench: C Jeffries, PF Novak, SF Walker, SG Shumpert, PG Bibby.  Once healthy: C Harrelson, PF Jeffries, SF Novak, SG Shumpert, PG Davis.  Possibility #1 C Harrelson, PF Jeffries, SF Shumpert, SG Smith, PG Davis.  Possiblity #2 C Jordan, PF Harrelson, SF Jeffries, SG Smith, PG Davis.  Possiblity #3 Start Smith over fields with the back ups as: C Jeffries, PF Harrelson, SF Fields, SG Shumpert, PG Davis.
     Again things can get very interesting.  I wouldn't be surprised to see the Knicks make a trade to get some more size off of the bench.  Right now their only big Men are Chandler, Stoudemire, Jeffries, Jordan and the injured Harrelson.  Jordan is still raw and Harrelson and Jeffries are better suited for the PF position.  The Knicks could also trade for a Draft pick seeing as how they are still in a desperate situation from the trades of GMs past.  Grunwald has done an amazing job filling up this roster for now, so I hope that he does rid himself of some of the dead weight and bring in a pick to add some young talent for the future.
     From last year to now who would have thought that the Knicks would be one of the deepest teams in the League?  Whether you think the team is ready to compete for a Championship now or not one thing is undeniable......the future looks bright.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why you should NOT listen to the "EXPERTS"!

     It amazes me how these "experts" form their opinions.  If you dont follow a team and watch the games, how can you get a full understanding on what is happening?  Lately I have been hearing some disturbing thoughts on the New York Knicks.  It seems that those over on ESPN are saying that Amare' Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony are going to disrupt the team because they are defensive liabilities.  It's funny to me since the Knicks have improved defensively this year and that is with Amare' and Melo in the line up.  Before Jeremey Lin started to see heavy minutes the problem was offense and not defense.
     The other thing that i have been hearing from the "experts" is that Carmelo Anthony is a selfish player and won't mesh with Jeremey Lin.  I have never heard about anyone calling Melo selfish, but now that you need a story these "experts" just throw that out there.  Even if you didnt watch the games this year to see Melo getting his teammates involved, you could look at the stats to see that Melo is leading the Knicks in assists.  I really dont understand how these people come up with this stuff out of nowhere.
     One thing you will notice when watching Carmelo Anthony during his Knicks era is that he has become a very good three point shooter.  He takes a lot of shots from beyond the ark when in his career he has been known to isolate and drive to the basket.  Now that he has a true point guard he will be able to pop and shoot more and won't be in a position to drive on triple coverage.
     Carmelo Anthony is also the leading scorer on the Knicks and let us not forget that he and Amare' Stoudemire are the two superstars on the team and they have specific jobs : SCORE.  Amare' is one of the best pick and roll players in the League so it is natural for Him to get along great with Lin on the court.  Anthony has been facing double and triple teams all year and thanks to Lin being on the court He won't have that problem as much so please tell me how Melo will hurt the Knicks when he will be one on one with defenders.  Tyson Chandler came to the Knicks to be a defender, but with Lin he has been an offensive threat as well.
     You can listen to the "experts" if you want to, but I've been watching every game this year and I know better.  Maybe it's time to realize that Knicks fans are finally getting a complete team.  They have a true starting point guard in Lin that has taken the sports World by storm, a first line of defense Center who has great pick and roll chemistry with his point guard in Chandler, an athletic Power Foward with a deadly 15 footer in Stoudemire, a smart defender and rebounding Shooting Guard in Landry Fields, and now you are getting back one of the best scorers in the League starting at Small Foward in Anthony.  How is that a bad thing?
     Let us not forget that the Knicks finally have some depth as well.  Jared Jeffries has finally convinced the fans at Madison Square Garden that he deserves cheers and not boos.  He has always played defense, but now he is contibuting on the offensive side of the ball as well.  Steve Novak has been knocking down shot after shot, and Billy Walker has proven that he can go on hot streaks.  Iman Shumpert is already a defensive power house half way through his Rookie season, but he is now being put into his natural position as a Shooting Guard and showing a lot of flare on the offensive side of the ball.  He looks to be the 6th Man scorer that the Knicks need.
     Last but not least are the two players on the injury list.  Baron Davis was suppose t be the starting Point Guard once healthy, but now will probably be the savy veteran leading the 2nd unit.  Rookie Josh Harrelson was looking like a 2nd round steal before his wrist injury and his return will give the Knicks another big body that can stretch the defense as well.
     The Knicks need to be talked about as a team that will only get better when certain players return to the line up and not a disaster waiting to happen.  Even an "expert" should know that........

Friday, February 10, 2012

This Feels Lin-Credible!!!

     I love that I went and looked at video of Jeremey Lin when the Knicks picked him up a few months ago.  I saw some skill there and some speed.  I was really excited to get a young player at a position of need for the Knicks.  I posted a link on my FaceBook page and stated that I hoped the Knicks would release Mike Bibby and keep Lin to develope when the time came to make room for a player to fill out the rotation. I posted that link on 12/27/11.  Today is 2/10/11 and Jeremey Lin just out-played Kobe Bryant in a Win over the Los Angeles Lakers for the first time in 10 games.
     In fact Lin has been out playing EVERYONE in the League for the past 4 games.  He came off of the bench against the Nets to score 25 points and 7 assists.  What gets forgotten in that game was Lin's defense against Deron Williams.  That performance and the lack of a healthy true Point Guard earned Jeremey Lin a start against the Utah Jazz and he continued his excellent play scoring 28 points and 8 assists.  When he led the Knicks to 3 straight wins after beating the Washington Wizards and scoring 23 points and 10 assists, Lin became the 1st player since LeBron James to score at-least 20 points and 8 assists in their 1st 2 career starts.
     New York believed that they found the answer at Point Guard, but the rest of the World (outside of Asia that is) still had their doubts.  Of course, when you are performing something attract haters.  Many people claimed that Lin did nothing special since he didn't face a dominant team.  Many "experts" claimed that the Lakers would be Lins biggest challenge and Kobe Bryant would not allow the Knicks to feel too good about themselves.  Jeremey Lin had other ideas.
     In the match up of the Knicks and Lakers in Madison Square Garden, on the National stage, Jeremey Lin and the New York Knicks showed everyone how special they are.  In a night with Kobe Bryant scoring 34 points and 1 assist Jeremey Lin out performed the Black Mamba by scoring 38 points and 7 rebounds and becoming the first player to score 89 points in their first career start since the NBA ABA merger.  Tonight Jeremey Lin played team ball and led the Knicks to their first win against the Lakers in 10 games and the question now became "What happens next?"
     Next up is Ricky Rubio and the Timberwolves and a chance to win 5 in a row.  After that is the return of Amare' Stoudemire who has been mourning the death of his older Brother who passed away this week in a car accident.  Stoudemire has been struggling this year, but now he gets to play with a true Point Guard who he will try to team with in the Pick and Roll game.  Many are expecting Amare' to thrive with Lin who is drawing comparisons to Steve Nash and even John Stockton.  Amare' is the type of player that becomes nearly unstoppable when He has a true Point Guard putting him in the right positions.  Tyson Chandler has been taking advantage of Lins passes of late and it will be even better with Amare'.
     After that Carmelo Anthony returns from his groin injury and the Coaching staff will have to figure out how the Offense will run with the return of Melo who is more of an isolaton player, but has been moving the ball around more before his injury.  It will also be interesting to see how Josh Harrelson fits in when He returns from His injury since the Rookie was coming on strong and showed a touch from beyond the 3 point line.  Of course there is also Baron Davis who the team had hoped would be their starting Point Guard once healthy.  There are a lot more fans watching these days to see just what does happen next.
     No other question is as important to Knicks fans as "How much longer will this Linsanity last?"  Everyone is waiting to see what he does next.  Regardless of how long he is able to play at such a high level one thing is already clear.  Jeremey Lin has made history and captivated the Sports World.  He also did it while wearing a Knicks uniform.  Let the Legend continue.......

What should the Jets address in this years Draft?

     Many people have different ideas on who and what position the Jets need to go after in the upcoming NFL Draft.  There are arguements for Offensive players and Defensive players.  There are many glaring holes for the Jets.  There is no dominant pass rusher in the defensive front seven, there is no Safety to protect the middle of the secondary or match up with Tight-Ends, there is no protection on the right side of the Offensive Line, there is no deep threat in the Wide-Recievers core and there is no game changing Running Back.  It is almost enough to make your head spin.
     The question is, what do the Jets need MORE?  There hasnt been a dominant pass rusher on the Jets in years.  I came into this year thinking that we needed to draft an Outside Linebacker.  I then figured that the Jets can still get to the Quarterback with exotic Blitzes, but you can't cover the middle of the field without getting a Safety.  A lot of Mock Drafts have the Jets getting Mark Barron S out of Alabama.  The Jets probably would have been able to trade down to get him while picking up an extra Draft pick.  I also fell in love with Vontaze Burfict ILB Arizona State and still feel like the Jets need to wheel and deal to get this player.
     Luckily for all Jets fans, Rex Ryan said that he would resume duties as a Defensive play caller.  This immediately makes the same defense that we already have MUCH better.  It also made me check to see how bad the Defense has been.  In 2009 Rex Ryan called the plays and the Defense finished 1st in the League, he split the calls in 2010 and the Defense was 3rd, Mike Pettine took over in 2011 and the Jets Defense finished 5th. Yeah the Jets were 5th in overall Defense and finished with a record of 8-8.  As much as I want a pass rusher, and as much as it is hard to watch Tight-Ends constantly expose the middle of the Jets Secondary, Offense is the side of the ball that needs to be addressed and there are a few Mocks out there that have the Jets picking Alshon Jeffries WR LSU with the 16th pick.
     I am now on that band wagon.  Alshon is 6'3 220lbs. with great hands.  He doesnt have blazing speed, but he can go up and get the ball.  A lot of this of course still depends on what happens in Free Agency and the Combine, but the Jets need to put points on the Scoreboard in 2012 and a big WR is just what they need to go on the opposite side of Santonio Holmes.  If the Jets fall in love with a different player during Pro Days and try outs then they should trade up and down to get the players that they want.  If the Jets are able to trade across  board and get Alshon Jeffries in the 1st round, trade up to get Vontaze Burfict in the 2nd round and George Iloka S Boise State in the 3rd or even trade up again in the 2nd round.  it wouldn't be a bad idea for the Jets to double dip in the 2nd round and picking Vinny Curry OLB Marshall.
     A lot of people are wondering if Mark Sanchez is the answer at QB for the Jets, but if yu never put him in a position to suceed how will you know?  The Jets took away his deep threat when they didn't bring back Braylon Edwards and they constantly put him in harms way when they decided that Wayne Hunter would replace Damien Woody.  It should not be about Mark Sanchez though.  This is about the New York Jets, and they need to address the weaknesses of their team.  With a top 5 Defense a defensive player should NOT be a priority. Even if the Jets brought in Peyton Manning, who would he throw to?  If you replace Sanchez after a year or two, who would his replacement throw it to?
     As it stands now i think that the Jets need to focus on an Offensive threat to go on the opposite side of Santonio Holmes.  This will open up the middle for Dustin Keller and Jeremey Kerley in the slot.  It also let's Santonio focus on slant routes while his new number two can stretch the field.
     Let me know what position or player you think the Jets should focus on in 2012 NFL Draft.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

It Feels Good To Have A FEEL GOOD Story!!!

     This year was suppose to be a year where the New York Knicks were going to be in the hunt for a Championship.  When Tyson Chandler joined the Knicks and declare that he came to the team to "Defend and Rebound" many thought that the New York Knicks had fixed their weakness.  Many a fan (Myself included), and "Experts" thought that the Knick would struggle early while they get comfortable with their new teammates, but would eventually be one of the top three teams in the East with an outside chance at winning a Championship.
     This is not the struggling I signed up for though.  The New York Knicks have been geting embarrassed winning only two games in their last thirteen, against mostly sub .500 competition.  I think that the injury to back up PF/C Josh Harrelson is a major factor to the teams struggle of late.  Granted he is just a Rookie from the second round no less, but he is their big Man off of the bench.  Josh Harrelson scores, spreads the floor with his long rage shooting, rebounds and most importantly if your a Knicks fan, the kid defends.  With Josh out of the line up theonly big Man the Knicks have coming off of the bench is Jared Jeffries, who i am a fan of due to his effort and defense capabilities, but that one player isnt exactly depth.
     Point Guard play has also been an issue.  Toney Douglas has been in a slump of late and that is just me being nice.  He is more of a scoring two guard that can play man defense anyway.  The Rookie Iman Shumpert is going to be a terrific play for the Knicks.  He plays EXCELLENT man defense and is very athletic.  He is still a young player and isnt consistant enough yet to be counted on night in and night out.  He is also still learning the position.  Point Guard in the NBA is very different from College and if your on a Mike D'Antoni team the Point Guard is the most important player ad most difficult position to play.  Shumpert like Douglas may be more suitable as a Two-Guard.  The Knicks are missing a veteran starting PG and it shows......BADLY.  Many think that when/if Baron Davis joins the lineup the Knicks will be a completely different team.
     Well they are a completely different team right now.  They have mostly fixed their defense, but noone was expecting for them to look this bad on the offensive side of the ball.  With Amare's struggling and Carmelo's injuries the Knicks have had noone to truly carry the load.  Each star player had their moments to shine, but neither have truly been the dominant player that they are capable of being.  The refs seem to be taking Bribes as well, butthose things only stick out when your losing.  Landry Fields is playing better of late, but he is suppose to.  The Knicks and their players have been letting thier fans down and those fans have been letting the Knicks know about it.
     When you watch a Knicks game you hear a lot of boos these days.  you also have heard some cheering and believe it or not, but you would've heard A LOT of chants for a player named Jeremey Lin.  Lin is an undrafted Asian American out of Harvard that played for the Warriors last year and was trying to make the Rockets team this year.  The Knicks picked him up just so they would have a roster spot filled in case of injuries to their PG position.  For some reason Knicks fans (Again myself included) have been waiting for Lin to get on the court.  We have had a funny feeling that this kid that many thinks needs to stick with the D-League, is a player and can help this team.
     Last night against the Nets you heard the boos I was talking about as the Knicks created a 12 point hole for themselves to dig their way out of.  At the end of the night you heard something different.  Jeremey Lin entered the game and played like a PG.  Derron Williams had 10 points in the first quarter before Lin came into the game.  He stayed on 10 for a very long time.  Jeremey Lin penetrated to the rack, threw alley-oop passes, he protect the defensive borads, but did i mention that he threw alley-oop passes?  Lins pass to Tyson Chandler was the play of the night.
     Jeremey Lin is a true PG.  He plays to set up his teammates and put them in the best position to score.  That is what the Knicks have been missing and when the Madison Square Crowd was chanting JEREMEY, JEREMEY, it was pretty clear that we may have found it.  Lin finished the game with 25 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 steals.  He had the crowd jumping, he was screaming to the rapters after and 1s, he was the decidng factor in a rare win for the New York Knicks and yeah, he had Carmelo Anthony bowing to HIM on the side line.
     We havent been given mush to cheer for this year as Knicks fans, but last night we were proven right.  A player that we the fans have been calling for and alking about showed up.  Will he ever have a game like last nights again???  That is for the future, but for right now...... it feels good to FEEL GOOD111

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The One Player The New York Jets HAVE To Draft!!!

     This year the New York Jets enter the off-season with a number of needs.  Depending on who you talk to it is hard to decide which position is the most important right now.  Ever since the Jets Drafted Vernon Gholston in the first round of the '08 Draft and he turned out to be the bigges bust in Franchise history, I have been screaming for an Outside Linebacker.  Seeing as how we haven't been able to put pressure on the Quarterback without using all out exotic Blitzes.
     Within the past two years another position has been exposed and it's hard to ignore the need in the Secondary with our Safety position......BOTH of them!  The Jets have the best CB tandem in Derrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie.  Kyle Wilson had a much improved second year.  The New York Jets still gave up far too many completions and yards in the middle of the field.  While the CB's took care of the outside, the Safeties we embarrassed game in and game out by bigger and faster Tight-Ends.
     Many Mock Draft experts believe that teams should Draft according to needs to fill a hole. When you have the New England Patriots in your Division running a two Tight-End set with Aron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski.  Would it be more important for a team to focus on their most immediate threat, or take care of a overall need?  Since EVERY team seemed to throw accrosse the middle against the Jets I would say that the Safety position is more important than the Outside Linebacker position.
     Wait a second though, the Jets are going to have a top ten Defense for as long as Rex Ryan is a part of the Organization.  The Offense however hasn't been in the top twenty.  The two biggest concerns on that side of the ball is protecting the Quarterback by adding a Right Tackle that can just play average.  It would also help to have a deep threat Wide-Reciever to stretch the field, which would also open up the running game.  When Defenses have to focus on the entire field instead of fifteen yards from the line of scrimmage, then you will REALLY be able to see what Mark Sanchez can do.  So do you focus on a Right-Tackle, or a number two Reciever (Also a number one if you think that Santonio Holmes has to go).
     Those are four positions that need to be addressed and we won't even waste our time with a Punter and a Kicker.  Rumors are swirling that Inside-Linebacker Bart Scott might've played his last game in a Jets Uniform, so that the Jets now have a need at ILB as well.  I for one think that Bart Scott should take a pay cut and stay for atleast one more year.  When you have a player of his talent and experience you keep them around to groom their replacements, much like the Jets did with Tony Richardson and John Conner.
     A number of Players have been linked to the Jets, Courtney Upshaw OLB, Mark Barron S, Alshon Jeffries WR, Trent Richardson RB, and many more.  It is just hard to figure out where the Jets could go wrong.  They have so many different needs.  They could Draft at almost any position and it would be filling a need.  Some think that the Jets should trade down in the Draft to add an additional pick.  I am in favor of that.  I think the Jets have so many needs that they need to stock pile young talent and hope that these players can contribute for years to come.
     When looking at who is out there in the Draft this year one could get carried away dreaming about who could be the next big superstar.  With the Jets you have to picture their Head Coach and the type of players that would work best in his system.  If you have talent on the Defensive side of the ball he will maximize it.  Just look at Aaron Maybin.  Zero sacks in two years with the Buffalo Bills, six and a half with four forced fumbles in a shortened season with Rex Ryan and the New York Jets, oh and he became "Mayhem".
     Looking at some of these players I found one who belongs in Rex Ryans Defense, Vontaze Burfict ILB Arizona State.  I saw a young Bart Scott in this kid.  The return of the Madbacker 2.0.  Vontaze was relentless in his player this year, running over Offensive Linemen like a battering ram to put pressure on the Quarterback and jumping over his own teammates to make the tackle.  You could see him jump and scream as if he had a sack everytime he cause the Offense to flinch and draw a False Start flag.  This kid was so aggressive that his coach sat him on the bench because he was TOO agressive.  What do you think Rex Ryan would do with a player like this?
     The Jets could trade down in the first round to pick up a second round pick and target this young kid.  They almost cant miss at Safetie because ANYONE could do better in coverage than Eric Smith.  The Outside Linebacker position is the deepest it has been in years so you can find a gem like Vinny Curry OLB Marshall in the second round.  A tall Wide-Reciever with solid hands can be found later in the Draft.  A young Bart Scott that will sacrafice his body for his teammates, and use his non-stop motor to create havoc on the field cannot be passed up.  Whether it's in the first, second or third round Vontaze Burfict OLB Arizona State is the must have pick for the New York Jets in the 2012 NFL Draft. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Where is the commitment?

     Being a Sports fan these days can be pretty expensive.  This is not the economical environment for the average Sports fan to spend money on tickets, jerseys, and other paraphernalia.  If you have to spend money on PSL's as well then you may have considered robbing a bank (not attending the game is never an option). 
     When a franchise like the Knicks and the Jets are among the top 5 priciest tickets in their respective Leagues, you might expect for them to have the top 5 teams in the League.  While the Knicks are just now showing the potential to be a contender, they have never been called cheap.  They spend EXTRA money to put out the best product they can.  You can always expect the New York Knicks and owner James Dolan to pay the luxury tax.  It was bad management that kept that money going to good use with the wrong talent.
     The same can't be said for the New York Jets and owner Woody Johnson.  The Jets entered the 2011-2012 season having reached the AFC Championship game, one win shy of the Super Bowl two years in a row.  They began the Season by being cheap and not even trying to bring any talent in through Free Agency.  They added Plaxico Burress to save spending for Braylon Edwards and played throughout the year with $8 million in cap space.
     One Cornerback who shall not be named aside, where was the splash?  Where was the commitment to winning? When our Offensive line looked HORRIBLE due to injuries and a decline in talent, where was the usage of the $8 million to bring in a player that can help?   Oh that's right, we threw in an Undrafted Rookie against the Ravens to get our Quarterback killed.
     It reminds me of releasing Thomas Jones and Alan Faneca to save money that was owed to them.  That $8 million cap space will grow larger this Off-Season when you factor in the release of players such as Brian Thomas who is too old and coming off of a serious knee injury.  Are we going to fish around for young talent, or go out and bring in proven playmakers? Playmakers cost money but they MAKE PLAYS!  Braylon Edwards caught the deep pass and dragged little people that don't deserve to even try covering him into the enzone.  Thomas Jones battered his way straight ahead for first down after first down.  Alan Faneca manhandled huge Men to create space for the number one rushing attack in the NFL.
     I don't want the front office to spend money just for the sake of using up all of the cap money, but I do want holes to be filled so that we posses a complete team.  When there is a clear need for Safety, Wide-Receiver, Outside-Linebacker and Offensive Line help, I expect the team to bring in an impact player.
     In the near future I will take a look at some of those impact players that will be Free Agents this year and we can discuss who looks like they can be a part of the New York Jets, but here is hoping that we see a commitment from the front office to winning.  And the Home of the JETS!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My 2012 Draft Wish List!

 So I remember hearing fans talk about how the Knicks should have drafted Chris Singleton while I WANTED them to draft Iman Shumpert.  Now these same fans are telling everyone that they were the FIRST to tell you about the rookie.  Did i miss something?  I guess you can just say whatever these days and people will respect it.      Well I'm going to put my thoughts right here for everyone to see and anyone can take a look back months from now and call me on what I said.  Here is my current outlook on the 2012 New York Jets draft needs.  Keep in mind that my opinion will most likely change once I see some Combine numbers and who the Jets pick up and let go during the free agency period.  Still, here is where I stand TODAY.
     I Know some fans have different opinions on what we need and who shouldn't be on the team next year.  Quickly, I think Mulligan has to go and we don't need to sign a free agent or draft to replace him.  Josh Baker and Jeff Cumberland are already on the roster.  Mulligan was only a blocking Tight-End and even if Vlad Ducasse somehow steals the Right-Tackle position, Rob Turner will return from injury.  One of these two were dominant in the "Jumbo" position.  Tight-End is not a need.  Neither is Quarterback.
     Safety is a need, but I'm not convinced that Eric Smith Should be released... yet.  He is good in run defense so until whoever we bring in is comfortable with the entire defense, he should stay.  We do need to add a veteran player at the position, but young athletic talent is what's need in this position (more on that later).  I'm not sure if Jim Leonard should return or not.  I love him as a Jet, but I want to win and don't know how he fits into that.
     I am probably going to get a lot of slack for this comment, but I don't think the Jets need to draft a Right-Tackle or spend big money for one in Free-Agency.  It's time to see what Vlad Ducasse can do and give Wayne Hunter a chance to rebound from a horrible season.  I just think that we have bigger needs.  Again ,this is something that will either get me laughed at or make me look like an "expert."
     I don't want to focus on the round by round picks.  I would much rather have the Jets trade up and down to get the players they want rather than staying put and drafting the best player available.  When they Jets have traded up to get the player we wanted we ended up with Studs such as Darrelle Revis, David Harris, Dustin Keller, Shonn Greene, John Conner, and Jeremy Kereley. This is the approach  Iwant to see the Jets use this year to fix the NEEDS this team has.  When you don't have a number of needs then you can sit back and just choose talent.  We don't have that luxury.
  I want the Jets to drat Two of these four Outside-Linebackers. #1  Zach Brown OLB North Carolina.  #2 Courtney Upshaw OLB Alabama.  #3 Vinny Curry DE Marshall  #4 Shane Scove OLB Stanford.  If even one of these players turns out to be a Stud to pair with Calvin Pace (who is more of a run stuffer at this point in his career) and Aaron "Mayhem" Maybin (who needs to add a few more pounds and a few more moves to be more than a situational pass rusher), then the front seven will be set for next year.  If BOTH players turn out to be good then, the OLB position will be set for the next few YEARS, and, we will finally have the pressure that has been missing during the Rex Ryan Era.
     The Jets also need to double dip in the Safety position.  With the Cornerback position being one of the strongest in the entire NFL, the Jets desperately need players that can cover the middle of the field.  If the Jets can get young athletic Safeties that can cover tight ends, then it will be nearly impossible to throw against the secondary.
    I think the Jets should draft two of these four players.  #1 T.J. McDonald SS USC.  #2. Ray Ray Armstrong SS Miami.  #3 Rashard Hall FS Clemson.  #4 Jansen Jackson FS Arizona.  The Jets don't need these players to be immediate impact players, but that would help.  It is okay if they need to be developed which is why we shouldn't release Eric Smith right away and why we should find a veteran.  Eventually though we need these players to be solid in coverage and provide the Jets with a complete secondary.
     I think we can all agree that we also need some help at the Wide-Receiver position.  Even if we sign a Free Agent I think we need more young talent to groom.  I said months ago that the Jets should keep Braylon Edwards and that I didn't want Santonio Holmes on my team.  Again, I have a blog now for people to look back on and call me on what I said. I'm looking pretty smart on that decision so far though.  I think the Jets should get one of these big Wide-Recievers.
     #1 Jeff Fuller WR Texas.  #2 Dwight Jones WR North Carolina.  #3 Reuben Randle WR LSU.  #4 Greg Childs WR Arkansas.  We need a deep threat to stretch the field who will also be a big body to help in the Redzone.  Hopefully one of these guys can be that answer.
     Again, my opinion may change after Free Agency and the Combine, but here is what I have for now.  Check out some of the Highlights on Youtube and let me know what you think.  I would also love to hear which players you think we should target in the draft. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

The NEW New York Knicks?

     Remember how everyone was saying that the Knicks were going to be a different team this year?  How the addition of Mike Woodson as an assistant coach to teach defense was going to get the teams attention?  How the addition of Tyson Chandler, the big 7 footer than reshaped the weak Dallas Mavericks into NBA Champions, was going to do the same for the Knicks?  Do you remember hearing Carmelo Anthony and Amare' Stoudemire preaching a greater emphasis on defense?  How about the fans who were excited and telling everyone how the Knicks were gonna be unstoppable now that we have defense to go with our offense?  Uhhhhh, what happened?
     This looks even WORSE than the Knicks from last year.  I know that they are going to take time to get use to playing with each other, but they look like they aren't even TRYING at times.  the team acts as if they are going to win just because they have a talented team and then when are down in the fourth quarter try to mount a comeback against weaker teams that shouldn't be allowed in the same building when everyone is giving their all.
     We were promised a change in defense and instead we are getting embarrassed by 1-4 teams like the Bobcats who shot lights-out all over the court.  We were pumping our chests and dreaming about the 90's when people were scared to play against the Knicks and now we are having the same old nightmares.  We had fans of other teams and "experts" give us props and congratulations, because everyone felt that the Knicks had enough to atleast contend in the East.  We were all expecting to see a New York team different from what we have been given the last few years.  I feel cheated.
     Again it does take time, but it also takes effort.  We have only just begun, but the wind has already been taken out of my sails.  It's gonna take a storm to get the ship moving again.  How about Hurricane Amare' Finds His Long Lost Jumper, or Hurricane Melo, The NBA Scoring Champ Of 2011-2012 Season, or my personal favorite Hurricane Iman!  The Rookie seems to be the only one trying.  Who else do you see clapping their hands everytime its time to play defense?  Who else is driving to the rim and placing their bodies in harms way for a hard foul?  Who else is drenched with sweat from giving his all on both sides of the court?
     The other key in my opinion is Jared Jeffries.  Say what you want and boo him when he comes on the court, but he is the one Knick player that doesnt care anything at all for individual stats or achievemen.  Jeffries is a team first player and he shows it by the amount of screens, help defense, and charged he takes.  No other Knick tries as hard as Jeffries to make his teammates look good.  keep an eye out on how different the defense looks when he gets healthy and returns to the line up. 
     So we still have the same Knicks from recent years, but here is hoping that we get a storm to turn the NBA world upside down.  Go New York Go New York Go!!!