Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The 2012 NFL Draft is HERE!!!

     The New York Jets are historicaly bad when it comes to the draft.  Past GM's have chosen Ken O'Brian over Dan Marino, and ignored a screaming Radio City crowd and passed on Warren Sapp.  The current GM Mike Tannenbaum has made a first round mistake when he listened to his then Head Coach, Eric Mangini and chose to Pick Vernon Gholdston #6 overall.  Tanneanbaum traded back up to draft the player that HE wanted in TE Dustin Keller.
     Mike Tannenbaum is at his best when he goes after the players that he wants.  Besides the Gholston debacle, Tannenbaum hasn't missed in the first round or on players that he has traded up in the draft to pick.  2006 1st Round D'Brickashaw Ferguson T, and Nick Mangold C, 2007 the Jets traded up in the 1st round for Darrelle Revic CB (The best defensive player in the NFL) and again traded up in the 2nd round for David Harris ILB.  2008 was the wasted pick on Vernon Gholston, then in 2009 the Jets traded WAY up in the 1st round for Mark Sanchez QB and again in the 3rd round for Shonn Greene. 2010 the Jets Selected Kyle Wilson in the 1st round and he looked to be a mistake in his first year, but then proved the Jets right in his second year giving the Jets the best starting CB trio in the NFL, and later in the draft the Tannenbaum traded up in the 6th round for John Conner FB.  2011 1st Mohammad Wilkerson DE and traded up in the 5th for Jeremey Kerrley WR.
     Other players still with the Jets that were drafted by the Jets including Sione Pouha NT, Bryan Thomas OLB, Eric Smith S, Joe Mcknight RB (Lead the league in kickoff returns last year), and Matt Slauson G.  Mike Tannenbaum has been regarded as a numbers guy since he took over for the New York Jets, but he has selected a number of long term players for the Jets and pulled off a few trades over the years.  Jets fans should be excited to see who is added to the roster during this years draft, but who will be the 1st round pick and be added later on?
     Mark Barron S Alabama and Courtney Upshaw OLB Alabama were the 2 early favorites to be selected by the Jets in the 1st round.  Since then Michael Floydd WR Notre Dame has been linked with the pick with reports that Melvin Ingram DE/OLB S. Carolina is the players that the Jets would run to the podium for.  There are also reports that the Jets would trade up to select Trent Richardson RB Alabama, so it is hard to figure out just what the Jets would actually do.  The good news for the Jets is that none of these would be a bad idea.  This years draft is deep in the DE/OLB position and extremely loaded in the WR position so the Jets could end up double dipping in both positions and with Calvin Pace OLB and Bryan Thomas OLB probably playing their last years with the Jets, that sounds like a very good idea.
     Option number one in my opinion would be to select Melvin Ingram in the 1st round and trading up for Alshon Jeffries WR S. Carolina in the 2nd round.  This will allow the Jets to get their starting OLB for the next 10 years and give them the #2 WR to compliment Santonio Holmes and help out their QB Mark Sanchez.
     Option number two would be to select Michael Floydd in the 1st round and pick Vinny Curry DE/OLB Marshall in te 2nd round and trade up to select Bruce Irving OLB in the 2nd round as well.  This will give the Jets a WR who could potentially push Santonio Holmes for the #1 WR spot and help block in the running game while adding two pass rushers in case one doesn't pan out.  This move could solve both starting OLB positions afterthe young players learn their roles and improve their skills in the pro system.
     The Jets have a number of different options to choose from and a lot depnds on what moves the other teams make of course.  What moves would you like to see the Jets make in the early rounds of this years draft?

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