Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Ups and Downs of the New York Knicks

     For those of you that have followed the Knicks 2012 Season it must be a confusing time for you.  It is hard to figure out just where this team stands.  Once you have them figured out they undergo a dramatic change and become something completely different.  The Knicks started the season 8-15, then became the hottest team in the NBA and Sports in general when the World was infected with Linsanity.  The Knicks won 7 straight anf the teams Point Guard questions seemed answered.  With help from some injuries the Knicks struggled again and Coach Mike D'Antony decided to hit the road.  Since then Jeremey Lin, and Amare' Stoudemire missed significant time and the Knicks have gone 13 and 4 behind Carmelo Anthony who has averaged 30 plus points for the last month.
     The Knicks still have not played significant games with a complete roster under interim Coach Mike Woodson.  Lin is expected to be back with the team if they make it past the first round of the Play-Offs, but Stoudemire may be back as early as this Wednesday.  When Melo and Amare' were out with Lin and the Knicks thriving the question on most peoples minds were 'Are the Knicks better without it's two Superstars?'  Now with Melo on a tear the new question is 'Are the Knicks better without Lin and Amare'?'  With the loss to Miami fresh it is clear that Melo can't do all of the scoring.  He needs someone to take some of the pressure off.  Insert the Superstar that started this return to relevancy for the New York Knicks.
     What has been most impressive with Carmelo Anthony of late is his effort outside of just scoring.  Melo has been very solid on the defensive end and has helped the team with assists.  Stoudemire like Melo was not known for his defense, but has also played better this year.  Coach Woodson has been able to get Anthony and the rest of the Knicks to dial all in so why won't he be able to do the same with Amare' Stoudemire?  If Amare' can get healthy and commit to defense it is scary to think how good this team can be.  The Knicks are 5th in defensive efficiancy since Mike Woodson took over and if they can add Amare's long frame and rebounding ability, then they could reach even higher.
     With the return of Stoudemire though the Knicks will face yet another transformation and it is hard to judge what kind of team the Knicks will be.  What do you think? What kind of team can/will the Knicks be and are they better or worse with Amare' returning?

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