Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The 2012 NFL Draft is HERE!!!

     The New York Jets are historicaly bad when it comes to the draft.  Past GM's have chosen Ken O'Brian over Dan Marino, and ignored a screaming Radio City crowd and passed on Warren Sapp.  The current GM Mike Tannenbaum has made a first round mistake when he listened to his then Head Coach, Eric Mangini and chose to Pick Vernon Gholdston #6 overall.  Tanneanbaum traded back up to draft the player that HE wanted in TE Dustin Keller.
     Mike Tannenbaum is at his best when he goes after the players that he wants.  Besides the Gholston debacle, Tannenbaum hasn't missed in the first round or on players that he has traded up in the draft to pick.  2006 1st Round D'Brickashaw Ferguson T, and Nick Mangold C, 2007 the Jets traded up in the 1st round for Darrelle Revic CB (The best defensive player in the NFL) and again traded up in the 2nd round for David Harris ILB.  2008 was the wasted pick on Vernon Gholston, then in 2009 the Jets traded WAY up in the 1st round for Mark Sanchez QB and again in the 3rd round for Shonn Greene. 2010 the Jets Selected Kyle Wilson in the 1st round and he looked to be a mistake in his first year, but then proved the Jets right in his second year giving the Jets the best starting CB trio in the NFL, and later in the draft the Tannenbaum traded up in the 6th round for John Conner FB.  2011 1st Mohammad Wilkerson DE and traded up in the 5th for Jeremey Kerrley WR.
     Other players still with the Jets that were drafted by the Jets including Sione Pouha NT, Bryan Thomas OLB, Eric Smith S, Joe Mcknight RB (Lead the league in kickoff returns last year), and Matt Slauson G.  Mike Tannenbaum has been regarded as a numbers guy since he took over for the New York Jets, but he has selected a number of long term players for the Jets and pulled off a few trades over the years.  Jets fans should be excited to see who is added to the roster during this years draft, but who will be the 1st round pick and be added later on?
     Mark Barron S Alabama and Courtney Upshaw OLB Alabama were the 2 early favorites to be selected by the Jets in the 1st round.  Since then Michael Floydd WR Notre Dame has been linked with the pick with reports that Melvin Ingram DE/OLB S. Carolina is the players that the Jets would run to the podium for.  There are also reports that the Jets would trade up to select Trent Richardson RB Alabama, so it is hard to figure out just what the Jets would actually do.  The good news for the Jets is that none of these would be a bad idea.  This years draft is deep in the DE/OLB position and extremely loaded in the WR position so the Jets could end up double dipping in both positions and with Calvin Pace OLB and Bryan Thomas OLB probably playing their last years with the Jets, that sounds like a very good idea.
     Option number one in my opinion would be to select Melvin Ingram in the 1st round and trading up for Alshon Jeffries WR S. Carolina in the 2nd round.  This will allow the Jets to get their starting OLB for the next 10 years and give them the #2 WR to compliment Santonio Holmes and help out their QB Mark Sanchez.
     Option number two would be to select Michael Floydd in the 1st round and pick Vinny Curry DE/OLB Marshall in te 2nd round and trade up to select Bruce Irving OLB in the 2nd round as well.  This will give the Jets a WR who could potentially push Santonio Holmes for the #1 WR spot and help block in the running game while adding two pass rushers in case one doesn't pan out.  This move could solve both starting OLB positions afterthe young players learn their roles and improve their skills in the pro system.
     The Jets have a number of different options to choose from and a lot depnds on what moves the other teams make of course.  What moves would you like to see the Jets make in the early rounds of this years draft?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Ups and Downs of the New York Knicks

     For those of you that have followed the Knicks 2012 Season it must be a confusing time for you.  It is hard to figure out just where this team stands.  Once you have them figured out they undergo a dramatic change and become something completely different.  The Knicks started the season 8-15, then became the hottest team in the NBA and Sports in general when the World was infected with Linsanity.  The Knicks won 7 straight anf the teams Point Guard questions seemed answered.  With help from some injuries the Knicks struggled again and Coach Mike D'Antony decided to hit the road.  Since then Jeremey Lin, and Amare' Stoudemire missed significant time and the Knicks have gone 13 and 4 behind Carmelo Anthony who has averaged 30 plus points for the last month.
     The Knicks still have not played significant games with a complete roster under interim Coach Mike Woodson.  Lin is expected to be back with the team if they make it past the first round of the Play-Offs, but Stoudemire may be back as early as this Wednesday.  When Melo and Amare' were out with Lin and the Knicks thriving the question on most peoples minds were 'Are the Knicks better without it's two Superstars?'  Now with Melo on a tear the new question is 'Are the Knicks better without Lin and Amare'?'  With the loss to Miami fresh it is clear that Melo can't do all of the scoring.  He needs someone to take some of the pressure off.  Insert the Superstar that started this return to relevancy for the New York Knicks.
     What has been most impressive with Carmelo Anthony of late is his effort outside of just scoring.  Melo has been very solid on the defensive end and has helped the team with assists.  Stoudemire like Melo was not known for his defense, but has also played better this year.  Coach Woodson has been able to get Anthony and the rest of the Knicks to dial all in so why won't he be able to do the same with Amare' Stoudemire?  If Amare' can get healthy and commit to defense it is scary to think how good this team can be.  The Knicks are 5th in defensive efficiancy since Mike Woodson took over and if they can add Amare's long frame and rebounding ability, then they could reach even higher.
     With the return of Stoudemire though the Knicks will face yet another transformation and it is hard to judge what kind of team the Knicks will be.  What do you think? What kind of team can/will the Knicks be and are they better or worse with Amare' returning?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time For The Young Jets To Show And IMPROVE.

     This Off-Season the New York Jets have been pretty quiet with Free-Agent signings.  Entering this years NFL Draft the Jets have plenty of holes to fill.  You could say that the Jets traded for a back up QB when they traded for one Timothy Tebow.  Their signings this year have included LaRon Landry SS, Chaz Chilens WR and  that is it for new Jets.
     The Jets have 10 draft picks and QB is the only position that should not be drafted.  The Jets need a RT, a #2 Wide Receiver, a complimentary Running Back, a starting Free Safety, a pass rushing Outside Linebacker, a blocking Tight-End, and depth along the Offensive Line and Cornerback positions.  Their are a wide view of which position is the most important and needs to be addressed in the early rounds.  Which positions need to be filled at all though and which ones already have young players ready to take over if given the chance?
     Ladanian Tomlinson has not been brought back and his replacement has not been signed as of yet, but don't the Jets have a young explosive RB named Joe Mcknight on their roster?  Mcknight was an embarrassement entering his Rookie season when reporters caught the young player vomiting during drills.  He shined at the end of that season against the Buffalo Bills and continued the excitement in his Sophemore year when he took over duties as the Kick Returner.  Many Jets fans called for the "Night-Rider" to get more playing time and I am in full support of Mcknight taking over as Shonn Green's partner in the back field.  If the Jets are going to Draft a RB I hope it will be a late round pick and more so for a camp body to push Bilal Powell.
     The Jets last year were going to run a simular double Tight-End as the New England Patriots with Dustin Keller and Jeff Cumberland.  Cumberland blew out his achilles tendon early on in the season and that idea was scrapped.  The injury caused the Jets to elivate Josh Baker from the practice squad and he proved to be a servicable TE/FB hybrid.  With a full Off-Season under Cumberland and Baker the Jets now have 3 TE that can contribute to the team.  None are capable blockers , but that is a part of the position that they can learn and improve on.  The Jets are also on the verge of signing a young Rugby player and using him as a TE.  The player in questioning is reported to be 6'7 and 265 lbs.  There goes your blocker.  I dont believe the Jets should use any of their 10 picks on a TE.
     Wayne Hunter earned a contract due to the play he showed in practice and the great job he did when starter Damien Woody was injured during the 2012-2011 season.  Somehow he was anything but great last season entering the year as the starter.  It was a very bad year, but was it just that, a bad year?  If it is more than that the Jets do have a young Offensive Lineman named Vladamir Ducasse who has been shuffled all across the Offensive Line during practice and showed promise being called in as an extra Lineman during running plays last year.  How good can Big Vlad be at one position of the Jets ask him to learn just ONE position?  The Jets are going to need to draft a tackle for depth, but Vlad and Hunter should be given a chance to duke it out for the starting RT position and a player should be drafted in the middle to late rounds to develope for the future.
     Last year the Jets signed a Buffalo bust TWICE and Arron Maybin who just got a 1st round tender is hoping that the 3rd time is the charm.  Last year Maybin introduced "Mayhem" to Jets Nation.  Aaron "Mayhem" Maybin lead the Jets in Sacks and Forced Fumbles.  The Coaching staff gave Maybin keys to work on during the Off-Season and he will enter this year knowing the system and looking to increase his role.  With Calvin Pace and Bryan Thomas being nothing but run stuffers at this point in their careers the Jets do need to Draft an Ouside Linebackker of the future.  Even if Maybin turns into an every down player the Jets are gonna need an OLB on the opposite side.  Many draft Gurus have the Jets drafting either Courtney Upshaw OLB Alabama, or Melvin Ingram OLB/DE S. Carolina with the #16 pick.  If Ingram is available when the Jets pick it should be the quickest card heading to the podium as Ingram is regarded as the best pass rusher in this years draft.  Their are players like Vinny Curry OLB/DE Marshall and Bruce Irvin OLB NC State in the 2nd round.  The Jets are going to have to draft an OLB with one or both of their first 2 picks.
     The Jets signed LaRon Landry, but he should just be able to do a better job than Eric Smith, but neither player is elite in pass coverage.  The door isnt closed for Jim Leanord, but he is comig off of his 2nd straight season ending injury.  Barron Davis S Alabama would be a stretch with the 16th pick, but the Jets could trade back to select him while picking up and additiona draft pick.  When you have the New England Patriots in your divison it is essentia to your Playoff chances to have Safeties to cover their TE's.  Barron is by far the best S in this years Draft, but the Jets finished last year 5th in total defense.  Do the Jets really need to focus on the defensive side of the ball?
     The Jets have a chance to pick up the #1 reciever in this years draft with #16 pick.  Michael Floyd is quickly showing that he may be the best WR this year, but character issues may make a few teams pass on him.  The Jets want to run the ball this year and establish the Ground & Pound that was so dominant the first year of the Rex Ryan era.  You need a threat in the passing game to keep defenses honest, and the team just invested a lot of money in Mark Sanchez, so it would be beneficial for the GM to back up the investment with play makers to help out his young QB.  If it comes down to Floyd and any other player I feel that the Jets have no choice but to pick up the young WR.
     Where do you think the Jets should go with the #16 pick and which Jet do you think will step up this year?