Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is ESPN More Like A Gossip Show???

     ESPN has had full coverage at Jets Training Camp up in Cortland New York.  Everyday you will see an interview with various members of the Jets organization.  There is one interview that has been blown completely out of praportion by the Media that really shows that ESPN is lacking analysts with the ability to Gossip more than speak about Football ins and outs.
     Antonio Cromartie appeared on a segment of ESPN's First Take.  During His interview it was brought up that the Jets would line up Cro for a hand full of plays at WR.  After Cromartie was asked where He would place HIMSELF on the WR chart his response was complimentary to HIMSELF.  He stated that he would place himself 2nd up there with Santonio Holmes.  He stated that He knows all the Route Trees and his raw athletesism an talent, he would place himself 2nd.  There was no problem when He said this on First Take, but somehow this became a fractured locker room again.
     The problem would have been if Cro said that He would place himself 6th or 7th.  You are suppose to have confidence and if any player on the team were to be asked where they would place THEMSELVES it would be alarming if they said they are the worst and the bottom of the barrell.
     ESPN and most other Media Members have been waiting for anything to happen so the can write stories on the "Debacle" that is the New York Jets.  8-8 is not 2-14 or even 6-10, but somehow the Jets who had 15 teams ahead of them in the Draft were the most messed up team?  The Giants won the SuperBowl at 9-7 in the regular season.  That is 1 game more than the Chaotic Jets.
     Most ESPN Analysts now say that the Jets will have a losing Season and miss the Playoffs for the 2nd straight Season.  Most reasons are due to the dysfunction as an organization.  It just seems to me that the "Experts" are more focused on the end of last Season than the team that is on the Jets.  Tim Tebow will be a problem for the Jets when the fans start screaming for Tebow Tebow Tebow!!!  Problem with that is that Jets fans are not Bronco fans.  We are relevant and don't need headlines.  Jets fans want wins and you need the best players to win.  Even ESPN has noted that there is no QB Contreversy now because Mark Sanchez is leaps and bounds ahead of Tim Tebow.
     We don't hear much about how the Jets revamped their Safety Positions which was the biggest weakness on Defense last year.  A Defense that finished 5th in the League last year.  It would be safe to say that a team that fixes weaknesses would be BETTER, but not if you work for ESPN or the Media.  Before the Season started it was noted that Sanchez needed a QB, to challenge Him, but somehow Tebow is not allowed to be that challenger.
     Cromartie said nothing wrong and Chaz Chillens' reaction to it was over blown.  Head Coach Rex Ryan let His players know to be smarter when they speak to the Media.  ESPN said that it was an attempt to curve a fractured locker room. I have some common sense so i disagree.  Rex Ryan was trying to let his team know that the Media is trying to stir things up, so make sure your smart and don't give the Media anything that they can stretch and use against them.  The Jets don't have a contraversy, so the Media needs to make some to sell papers and keep viewers tuned in.
     In a week the Jets get to put on pads and play against another team in a pre-season game and the Wins can start piling up and the Media will naturally back pedal and start to praise the Jets that they believed in all the time.  Football commentary is suppose to be about Football.

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