Sunday, July 15, 2012

To Lin Or Not To Lin?

     The New York Knicks have said in the last few weeks that they would match ANY deal offered to their young star PG.  The Houston Rockets have called the Knicks bluff with a 3 year deal including a 14 million dollar third year poison pill.  After the details of the deal became public, Knicks Head Coach Mike Woodson stated that the Knicks would "absolutely" match Houstons deal, but with the signing and trading for PG Raymond Felton from the Portland Trailblazers, and Free Agent PG Jason Kidd already signed, a Jeremey Lin and Knicks reunion looks unlikely to most.
     The Knicks would have to pay 30 million in luxury tax in the third year for Lins contract alone.  This would scare away most owners and it hasn't been proven that Lin can play to his potential for a full season.  Lin is a special case though.  Ignore the many MANY over-paid players the Knicks have signed under owner Jim Dolan, Lin will pay for the Luxury Tax many times over.  Lin is an international Superstar whether He is an All-Star player or not (Tim Tebow anyone?).  Linsanity was the biggest story in Sports last year and besides the money He would bring to the Knicks in merchandising and attendance, he will help them keep headlines away from the up and coming Brooklyn Nets who are doing everything they can to steal some of the New York limelight.  Signing Lin is simply put, a wise business move and smart investment.
     Let us not forget that Lin is a young player still developing and He did not become a "Linsation" simply because He is an Asian American.  He rescued the Knicks and played at an All-Star level even besting Kobe Bryant on National Telivision.  Kidd and Felton are solid veterans, although Felton has been a dissapointment outside of his time in Mike D'Antoni's PG friendly system.  Neither player is going to improve much if at all.  Lin on the other hand has quickness and the intellegence to run the Point, but is very raw and has room to grow as a player.  He kept his high level of play when Mike Woodson took over as the Head Coach and Linsanity only died down due to a season ending injury.  Bottom Line, you sign Lin to develope and continue his role on the team.
     What would you do if it was your choice?  Would you sign Jeremey Lin and pay a hefty Luxury Tax in year 3 of the deal, or would you move on and let go of a player who may become an All-Star in this League?

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