Thursday, August 30, 2012


     If you have watche ESPN, checked out YouTube videos or read any sports articles then you have heard/seen plenty how the Jets are a horrible, disfunctional team with no talent and no chance to make the Playoffs.  Oh how a year changes.  For the past two years the Jets were known as one of the most talented teams in the League and not only Playoff bound, but SuperBowl contenders.  It boggles the mind how after an 8-8 season with team chemistry issues, a 25th ranked Offense and 5th ranked Defense is now one of the worst team in the NFL.  Well Jets fans, you know how far from the truth that is.
     Looking back at last year and what the Jets struggled with, it is clear that the Jets fixed most of those problems.  The Jets Defense couldn't stop TE's and passes over the middle.  Eric Smith is a great in-the-box run stuffer, but is suspect at best in pass coverage.  Jim Leanord was injured and is now playing for the Broncos, but was never a physical and athletic Safety.  The Jets looked to correct this by signing Free-Agents LaRon Landry, Yeremiah Bell and Drafting Josh Bush and Antonio Allen.  We have all heard that "if" Landry stays healthy the Jets are dangerous.  If you've watched any of the Pre-Season games this year you will notice that not only can Landry hit hard, he is also showing some ball-hawking skills with 2 interceptions in the last 2 games.  Yeremiah Bell has been limited with soreness, but he is also known as a BIG hitter and has a good grasp of the Defense.  Bush and Allen are both Rookies who look to spend this year devoloping, but Allens play may get him some time on the field this year.  He is a nice hitter, but had an excellent Training Camp intercepting plenty of passes.  If the Jets aren't able to stop TE's and RB's catching balls out of the back field count on these Safeties laying big hits to make Offensive players think three times running across the middle.
     The Jets Offensive Line struggled to make holes for their Running Backs and protect Sanchez for some pretty crushing hits.  Wayne Hunter is gone and plenty of Jets fans are crying from happyness.  In his place is young and raw Ryan Howard and 2nd Round "Bust" Jason Smith from the St. Louis Rams.  Howard has played well so far so the Jets have confidence in his ability and Jets fans know that he couldn't possibly be worse than Wayne Hunter.  There is a new Offensive Coordinator in Tony Sporano, wich means new schemes and philosophies.  The Jets are looking for a return to Ground and Pound, but Sporano isn't looking for Sanchez to be a "Game Manager".  Sanchez will be asked to make deep passes down the field to keep Defenses honest.  Greene has returned as the #1 RB after his first 1,000+ yard season and both Joe Mcknight and Bilal Powell have improved and it's still not clear which RB will play behind Greene and take over LT's 3rd down duties.  Besides Wayne Hunter the Offensive Line struggled due to injuries.  Everyone is healthy so look for improved play from the O-Line and RBs.
     In all 3 years under Rex Ryan the Jets haven't had the players that are able to get to the QB without exotic blitz packages.  Not only did the Jets address this issue in this years Draft by selecting DE Quinton Coples, but two of last years picks, DE Muhomad Wilkerson and NT Kenrick Ellis have both improved and put pressure on opposing QBs this Pre-Season, but OLB/DE Aaron Maybin, (Last years team leader in Sacks and Forced Fumbles) has returned in better shape and spent his first full Off Season to fully grasp the system and expand his role.  The Jets also added former Vikings Defensive Line Coach Karl Dunbar to the staff and he has improved the pass rushing skills to all of his Linemen even making DE Mike Devito, known for stuffing the run into a Pass Rusher off of the Edge.  The Jets now have Coples, Maybin, Wilkerson, Harris, Scott, Devito, Richardson, and Ellis with the ability and talent to get to the Quarterback on a consistant bases.
     The Jets may be on everyones list for worst teams, but anyone who knows Football and ignores Gossip Magazines knows the Jets are in for a bounce back year.  The Jets have not scored a single Touchdown in 3 Pre-Season games, but week one of the Regular Season is when it counts and the teams play for real.  That is when the Jets will unleash their Offense, which includes a new Wild-Cat package that the NFL has been curious about since th Jets made the trade for Tim Tebow.  The Jets will also have most of their Offensive players back healthy and the Defense will show off all of their bells, whistles, blitzes, and new line ups including the 4-3 and 46 Defense.  The time for talking about how disfunctional the Jets are and who will be the starting Quarterback.  Week one the Jets play the Bills and will either be 1-0 or 0-1.
     Let me know wat you #CAN'T WAIT for.  Is it a player, personel group, or scheme?  Share your thoughts and feelings on Gang Green and their doubters.

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