Monday, October 15, 2012

Are The Jets Secretly Rebuilding???

     Many "experts" on the TV, Radio and World Wide Web have painted the Jets as a misfit band of idiots and a team that is worse than their record indicates. Bill Parcells famously stated that, "You are what your record says you are".  The Jets are 3-3, 2-0 in Division games and #1 in the AFC East.  If the Jets are worse than their record indicates, then why is it that the New England Patriots who are also 3-0, 1-0 in the Division, and the Jets next matchup, are considered favorites for the Superbowl still?
     The New York Jets have also been plauged with injuries early on in the Season losing Darrelle Revis, Santonio Holmes and Josh Mauga for the Season.  Dustin Keller and Stephen Hill have missed numerous games leaving QB Mark Sanchez with WR Jeremey Kerley as his number one Offensive weapon.  Many suggested that the Jets bring in Plaxico Burress, or Terrell Owens, but the Jets instead brought in Jason Hill who had a TD against the Colts after only 10 days with the team.
     This signing reminded me of a theory I had before the Season started.  Many "experts" are asking to fire either Rex Ryan, Mike Tannenbaum, or both.  I haven't heard ANYONE mimic my thinking and stating that the New York Jets are rebuilding while staying competitive.  It starts with the Salary Cap.  The Jets are approxamitly $8 million under the Cap and with the new barganing agreement, this money will be able to be used against the Cap next year.  It is widely believed that Darrelle Revis will recieve a new Contract before the Season starts next year.  Dustin Keller, Shonn Greene, Calvin Pace, Bryan Thomas, Yeremiah Bell, LaRon Landry, Matt Slauson and Brandon Moore are all Free Agents after this Season.
     Keller and Landry look like locks to come back next year.  Many may notice that Matt Slauson has been spelled by Vlad Duccasse even though the competition was won by Slauson in Training Camp.  Could it be that the Jets Coaching Staff wants to see Big Vlad in real game tape in order to decide that Ducasse and Matt Slauson will be the starting Guards for the Jets in the Future making Pro Bowler Brandon Moore expendable?  Pace and Thomas are obviously done with Pace having a fairly sizable Contract coming off of the Cap.  Shonn Greene is a player that has to prove himself this year along with Ducasse and Joe Mcknight.
     In the past 2 Seasons what players did the Jets bring in to long term Contracts?  The Jets are clearly building this team through the Draft and when you have young players they often take time to develop.  I can understand some Fans being frustrated with the way the Season has gone and wanting a change in some of the decision making, but GM Mike Tannenbaum is building a team that will last for the forseeable future.  Some of the Draft picks have come into question and it is easy for some to forget Mike T. trading up for Revis, Harris, Keller, Sanchez and Greene.  Its easy for some to forget that the Jets went to back to back AFC Championship games in the first 2 years of the careers of Mark Sanchez and first time Head Coach Rex Ryan.  Its easy to forget that the Jets are 3-3 and in first place of the AFC East after 6 weeks of Football with a game against the hated Patriots up next.
     Mike Tannenbaum has a plan for this team and all the "experts" can focus on Tim Tebow and paint the Jets as a Circus, but if your a Jets Fan you should feel comfortable with the direction the team is headed in.  Much was made about the Jets not replacing Wayne Hunter with an expensive Veteran RT, but when have you heard/seen Austin Howard have a bad game this Season?  The "experts" claimed that the Jets Defense was done with Cromartie and Kyle Wilson as your starting two CBs, but now these same people are talking about how Cromartie is currently the best CB in the NFL with Interceptions in his last 2 games, and Kyle Wilson has disappeared from opposing teams highlight reels.  The "experts" are calling for Tebow Time, but Mark Sanchez is starting to get his players back and Dustin Keller does wonders for this Jets Offense just by being on the field.  The Jets have a core group of players with few holes, but next year with a new Draft and plenty of Cap space, those holes will be filled pretty quickly and the Jets will have young players ready to contribute for the next 10 years.
     What do you think about the current plan for the team?  Are you on board with the moves that have been made, or do you have some "must have" moves or players for the remainder of the year and beyond?  Leave a comment and opinion.  I for one have full confidence in the Owner, GM and Coaching Staff.  Our Defensive Line is set, CB position set with Revis returning next year, Offensive Line looks set for the future with or without Moore, I believe in Mark Sanchez.  We need Outside Linebackers, a home run hitting RB and some Wide Recievers to help Sanchez.  Kerley and Hill are developing nicely and Santonio Holmes is a wild card so it will be interesting to see where this team goes.  I would rather wait and see what happens.

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