Sunday, February 19, 2012

How Many Stories Can You Get From One Knick Game???

     Linsanity strikes again.  It's not about the points, assists, or steals that he had in the game. He finished with 28 points, 14 assists, and 5 steals if you wanted to know though.  This game for Jeremey was about the clutch factor.  He had 7 turnovers, but came through during clutch moments of the game to show the League and a National audiance that He is for real.  Many people still feel that they need to see more from the Asian Sensation, but now they are starting to sound like haters.
     How about the Steve Novak show?  He has averaged 12 points off of the bench in the last 8 games (14 this afternoon) and much like Lin, was buried on the bench before the Nets game.  He hit 3 after 3 pointer to open up the court for the rest of his players, and played some decent defense.  The biggest thing He did in my eyes was embrace being in New York by placing a Championship Belt around his waiste after a clutch contested 3 pointer that saw nothing but net.  Lin is the humble Hero, but Novak made sure to let you all know that Lin isnt the only talented Knick that has gone overlooked.
     In case you haven't heard, J.R. Smith was signed by the Knicks over the weekend.  Smith got into New York late Saturday afternoon and in Sundays afternoon game made a huge impression.  Not only did he shoot well scoring 15 points off of the bench, but had a few deflections on defense and a couple of beautiful assists.  He will only get better once he practices with his new teammates in a new system and builds team chemistry.  Speaing of team chemistry, when Jared Jeffries went down after a foul, Smith was the firs one to run over and help him up.  That is a good sign for a player known for being a ball chucker.
     Speaking of Jeffries, Dirk wasn't looking as unstoppable once Jeffris matched of with te 7 footer defensively.  Jeffries continues to play well and is finally getting the respect from the hard to please Madison Square Garden crowd.  How a player that plays defense and sacrafices his body taking charge after charge is beyond me.  He has been playing great over the past 9 games and is a big part of the Knicks going 8 and 1 in that stretch.
     Oh and this was the first match up for Tyson Chandler and his old team.  Chandler felt slighted that Dalls decided to keep themselves open for big Free Agents next year (Dwight Howard, Deron Williams) instead of investing in the player that changed their weak defensive identity and led the Mavs to their first Championship.  Well one teams trash is another teams treasure.  In his "REVENGE" game he finisshed with 14 points and 10 rebounds.   Tyson has made the Knicks a defensive threat.  Even before the Linsanity began the Knicks played excellent defense, offense was the weakness.  In todays game Chandler sacraficed his body banging with the big bodies on the Dallas roster.  He also recieved his Championship ring today and it makes you wonder if he was thinking about adding another ring to his collection after the Knicks dominated his former team in the 4th quarter for the victory.
     I know that Lin has been getting all of the attention even though he has been quick to try and deflect the attention to his teammates.  Maybe we need to look at the Knicks as a whole instead of one player.  There are so many stories that almost go unnoticed.  A story that I will leave you with?  Tomorrow night should be the return of Carmelo Anthony.  The stories are only beginning.
     What has been one of your favorite stories during this magical Lin era?

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