Friday, February 10, 2012

What should the Jets address in this years Draft?

     Many people have different ideas on who and what position the Jets need to go after in the upcoming NFL Draft.  There are arguements for Offensive players and Defensive players.  There are many glaring holes for the Jets.  There is no dominant pass rusher in the defensive front seven, there is no Safety to protect the middle of the secondary or match up with Tight-Ends, there is no protection on the right side of the Offensive Line, there is no deep threat in the Wide-Recievers core and there is no game changing Running Back.  It is almost enough to make your head spin.
     The question is, what do the Jets need MORE?  There hasnt been a dominant pass rusher on the Jets in years.  I came into this year thinking that we needed to draft an Outside Linebacker.  I then figured that the Jets can still get to the Quarterback with exotic Blitzes, but you can't cover the middle of the field without getting a Safety.  A lot of Mock Drafts have the Jets getting Mark Barron S out of Alabama.  The Jets probably would have been able to trade down to get him while picking up an extra Draft pick.  I also fell in love with Vontaze Burfict ILB Arizona State and still feel like the Jets need to wheel and deal to get this player.
     Luckily for all Jets fans, Rex Ryan said that he would resume duties as a Defensive play caller.  This immediately makes the same defense that we already have MUCH better.  It also made me check to see how bad the Defense has been.  In 2009 Rex Ryan called the plays and the Defense finished 1st in the League, he split the calls in 2010 and the Defense was 3rd, Mike Pettine took over in 2011 and the Jets Defense finished 5th. Yeah the Jets were 5th in overall Defense and finished with a record of 8-8.  As much as I want a pass rusher, and as much as it is hard to watch Tight-Ends constantly expose the middle of the Jets Secondary, Offense is the side of the ball that needs to be addressed and there are a few Mocks out there that have the Jets picking Alshon Jeffries WR LSU with the 16th pick.
     I am now on that band wagon.  Alshon is 6'3 220lbs. with great hands.  He doesnt have blazing speed, but he can go up and get the ball.  A lot of this of course still depends on what happens in Free Agency and the Combine, but the Jets need to put points on the Scoreboard in 2012 and a big WR is just what they need to go on the opposite side of Santonio Holmes.  If the Jets fall in love with a different player during Pro Days and try outs then they should trade up and down to get the players that they want.  If the Jets are able to trade across  board and get Alshon Jeffries in the 1st round, trade up to get Vontaze Burfict in the 2nd round and George Iloka S Boise State in the 3rd or even trade up again in the 2nd round.  it wouldn't be a bad idea for the Jets to double dip in the 2nd round and picking Vinny Curry OLB Marshall.
     A lot of people are wondering if Mark Sanchez is the answer at QB for the Jets, but if yu never put him in a position to suceed how will you know?  The Jets took away his deep threat when they didn't bring back Braylon Edwards and they constantly put him in harms way when they decided that Wayne Hunter would replace Damien Woody.  It should not be about Mark Sanchez though.  This is about the New York Jets, and they need to address the weaknesses of their team.  With a top 5 Defense a defensive player should NOT be a priority. Even if the Jets brought in Peyton Manning, who would he throw to?  If you replace Sanchez after a year or two, who would his replacement throw it to?
     As it stands now i think that the Jets need to focus on an Offensive threat to go on the opposite side of Santonio Holmes.  This will open up the middle for Dustin Keller and Jeremey Kerley in the slot.  It also let's Santonio focus on slant routes while his new number two can stretch the field.
     Let me know what position or player you think the Jets should focus on in 2012 NFL Draft.

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